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The 2015 NFL All Ski-Mask Way Team

Who's been stealing from their organizations this year? (photo courtesy of

The NFL season is almost to an end and that means the first edition of the All Ski-Mask Team is upon us. For those that don’t know, players that do things the Ski-Mask Way are those that have a nice contract but are not living up to at all. There is one on every team and I am sure they are not hard to recognize. So, without any further waiting, I bring to you the General’s 2015 All Ski-Mask Team


Quarterback-Josh McCown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The veteran quarterback had a great year stepping in for Jay Cutler in Chicago. And he parlayed that great play into a two-year, $10 million deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was making $4.75 this year and he probably should give most if not all that money back. He threw for 11 touchdowns this season while throwing 14 interceptions. And he had a quarterback rating of a whopping 35.7. The Tampa Bay Bucs thought they were getting a savvy vet but ended up with a quarterback that pulled the wool over their eyes.

Running Back- Trent Richardson, Indianapolis Colts

Richardson becomes the latest running back to be drafted high and fall from grace. He was drafted and some had him as the next great back in the NFL. Well, 3.3 yards per carry is not what great backs average per carry. And not only that, but he had 12 games where he had less than 50 yards rushing, including a game where he only had two carries for 1 yard versus Dallas. And then he is made inactive for the postseason by the team. And to top it all off, he did not show up for the AFC title game, missing it for personal reasons. He may want to donate some of the $2.25 million he made this season to a charity for the Colts.

Running Back-Darren McFadden

One good thing for McFadden this year is he made it through the entire season healthy. The bad thing is he just could not live up to the hype he came out of college with. This season he was barely noticed as he amassed 534 yards this season. For the 4th pick in the 2008 draft, more was expected. But this year ended with a whimper and him not even getting many carries if any at all. The hype never met the production….and it never will. The one thing I have yet to figure out about McFadden: how he only averaged 3.4 yards per carry despite that outstanding speed. He made $1.75 million, but it was more like a donation to him honestly. The Raiders knew he was done.

Tight End-Jared Cook, St. Louis Rams

Cook was brought to St. Louis as a guy that had the size of a tight end and speed comparable to wide receivers. He had pretty solid numbers, but he was paid to be a game-changer and simply has not been. And let’s not forget all the missed catches he had where the ball hit him in the wrong spot: the hands. He made $6.1 million this season. He held the Rams up for that amount of money for the production he is given. And the fact he did it without a mask is amazing.

Offensive Tackle- Eric Fisher, Kansas City Chiefs

The former number one pick was brought in to be a stalwart on the Chiefs offensive line back in 2013. Sometimes it takes some longer than others, but in the case of a lineman picked first in the draft, he does not have that luxury. He even got switched from the blind side of the quarterback to the left side of the offensive line. Needless to say, there should be some worry amongst the Chiefs if Fisher does not get it together. And the organization will also be asking for money back for him fooling them into thinking he was worth the pick and the money they are paying him.

Offensive Guard-Andy Levitre, Tennessee Titans

The veteran offensive lineman was a free agent in the summer of 2014. The Titans, looking to make a splash, went out and signed him. And the Titans made Levitre the highest paid guard in the NFL (he signed a 6 year/ $46.8 million contract). Levitre made $8.6 million this season. Well, he definitely did not look like he was the best guard in football. Even if fighting through injury, he still looked pretty bad versus opposing defenses. Mr. Levitre, you may be trying hard, but you did not earn $8.6 million this season. I bet his agents and Andy Levitre are having a party with how they got this deal out of Tennessee. They got the Titans hook, line and sinker.

Center-Evan Dietrich-Smith, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Evan Dietrich-Smith was brought in with Logan Mankins (trade from New England) to help make the Tampa Bay line better. But not only did they not make the line better, they both made the Bucs cap situation worse by signing them. He made roughly $3.5 million this season and didn’t help make this linen any better. He robbed them in broad daylight.

Offensive Guard-Ben Grubbs, New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints did something that was unheard of over the last few years. They paid top dollar for two guards in Jahri Evans and Ben Grubbs. Evans has been performing well for them and made the Pro Bowl again this season. Grubbs, on the other hand, has been up and down this year. And for someone that is getting paid roughly $11 million this season that is not acceptable. His agent negotiated a good deal for him and I am certain Grubbs and his agent will be happy as long as the Saints keep writing those checks. But honestly, he should probably donate some of that to a charitable organization in the name of the New Orleans Saints. That’s the least you can do for getting over on the Saints.

Offensive Tackle-Matt Kalil, Minnesota Vikings

The young offensive tackle was thought to be a mainstay for ten or so years when he first stepped on the field as a rookie for the Vikings. But as time has gone on, he has progressively gotten worse and worse. At his best, he was up and down this season, but they need more from him. He was supposed to be the rock of that offensive line and that is certainly not the case so far. He isn’t earning that $5.4 million in salary and bonuses like he was when he was a rookie. Hopefully he gets it together, but right now he is taking money he isn’t earning without a mask on.

Wide Receiver- Hakeem Nicks, Indianapolis Colts

Nicks went to Indianapolis this offseason to try and prove he was healthy and that he could produce still at a good level. He signed a one-year, $3.975 million deal with the Colts to join their team. And what he proceeded to give them was his worst season in the NFL. He didn’t even reach 500 yards receiving on a team that didn’t have much of a running game all year. I guess Nicks better enjoy this paycheck he received this season because he really got away with robbery. Oh and Nicks also said this year that he viewed himself as the best receiver in the league. I can understand the confidence, but there has to be a dose of reality as well Mr. Nicks.

Wide Receiver-Mike Wallace, Miami Dolphins

The speedy wide receiver came to Miami to make some things happen and was highly-paid to do so. But the payoff on his end for the Dolphins paying him so handsomely has not worked out. He was below 1,000 yards receiving again this season and reportedly has become a little bit of an issue in the locker room. He got $17.25 million this season to play for the Dolphins. There is no way he earned all that. He robbed the Dolphins in broad daylight everytime he received a paycheck.




Defensive End- Michael Johnson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Johnson was brought to Tampa by head coach Lovie Smith in hopes that he would provide the pass-rushing defensive end they needed. Well, he unfortunately went silent all year. He had an underwhelming four sacks this season and this is probably the first time any of you reading have heard his name even mentioned this season. Yes, he has had a quiet campaign after signing a deal that paid him $9 million this season. I know many Tampa Bay fans are wondering if he can give that money back to the organization because he certainly did not do what they asked of him for that amount of money.

Defensive Tackle- Kendall Langford, St. Louis Rams

You would have never known this guy was on the team honestly. With Aaron McDonald and Michael Brockers at defensive tackle, it seemed like Langford got phased out of the starting defense. And for being phased out, it seems like the Rams are having pity on him and allowing him to keep his job with the team as a backup. Honestly, there is no way he should be making the $6 million and it seems like the Rams are allowing him to voluntarily be in their own personal Witness Protection Program within the team. All the while he is continuing to take money from them that he isn’t earning on Sundays. His agent was definitely on his game that day.

Defensive Tackle- Barry Coefield, Washington Redskins

Coefield came to the Redskins from the Giants and he was grossly overpaid from the beginning. This year he made over $7 million with the team. He only played in half of the games this year and injuries are not his fault. But when he was out there, he was pretty much non-existent. I guess Daniel Snyder felt deep in his heart that Coefield really needed the money and blessed him with a huge deal when he came there. Trouble is Snyder is probably feeling like he is giving away money to Coefield with what kind of play he has seen from him. Secretly, Snyder is probably hoping that Coefield is honest and gives some of that money back, even though that will not happen.

Defensive End-Kameron Wimbley, Tennesse Titans

Kameron Wimbley came to Tennessee to play a defensive end role in a 4-3 defense and this year switched to outside linebacker in the 3-4 with the change in defensive coordinators. Essentially he was a defensive end type in the 3-4 defense. Ever since Wimbley has been in Tennessee, it seems as if he has been missing in action. He has not produced on the field and he also got relegated this season to the bench when he was brought in originally to be a difference-maker. For $4.8 million, he has not been anywhere near that at all. I bet some folks this season thought he was cut from the team. But no, he found a way to hang in there and eek one more season out of the Titans management. Go ahead and get that donation slip ready Mr. Wimbley, because the guilt of making what you made this season has to be weighing on you. Donate it to charity and you will feel better. After all, the Titans contributed a donation to your life for services you did not do on the field.

Linebacker-Lance Briggs, Chicago Bears

Briggs missed most of the season with injury, but for what he did play, he was not that impressive. And it just seemed like he was mailing it in for most of the time he was on the field. He was looked at as the leader of the team and it seemed like he was more like another guy on the team. Well, I hate to tell him this, but he needs to drop some of those funds in donation boxes. He knows he did not earn $4.66 million this year and his conscious will feel better for giving the money to a worthy cause.

Linebacker-AJ Hawk, Green Bay Packers

Hawk has been a mainstay in Green Bay ever since he was drafted by the team in 2006. He was the starter for this team this season until midway through the season when he got his spot taken by one of Green Bay’s younger players. Now he is a $5.1 million backup. And ever since then, he has been standing on the sideline, for the most part, earning his money. Honestly, when you are making $5.1 million, you are not supposed to be standing on the sideline unless the offense is on the field. And it is because of that, he is not earning what he was given at the beginning.

Linebacker-Chad Greenway, Minnesota Vikings

It seems as his salary goes up, he gets less and less productive. He made $7.2 million this season while missing four games in 2014. It seems as if he is trying to just make it through the rest of his contact and collect his money. He was on pace for less than 130+ tackles for the first time since 2009. It seems like the game is about to be over for Mr. Greenway. I hope he is able to flashback and get back in the swing of things. But even if he did, it would not change that he made $7.2 million and really should not have made that at all.

Defensive Back-Cary Williams, Philadelphia Eagles

Williams is supposed to be the best corner for the Philadelphia Eagles. But when you watch him play, he is either racking up the penalty yards or catching the vapors of a wide receiver that has blown right past him. He wasn’t the only one that got toasted on repeat occasions, but when you are the top corner for a team, that isn’t supposed to happen. And getting paid about $6.5 million this past season, he may want to fork some of that over to a charity of the team’s choice because he sure didn’t earn that at all.

Safety-Nate Allen, Philadelphia Eagles

Williams is not by himself on this list for the Eagles. Some think of Allen as the worst safety in football. There will be no argument from a lot of people in regards to this claim. But what I will say is where you saw Williams getting burned by wide receivers, you saw Allen being late on coverage and being burned by tight ends every single game. He made $3 million this season and honestly, he should give back most of it to the organization and tell them “My Bad”. His agent, like many others, was having a good day when negotiating this deal.

Safety-Chris Conte, Chicago Bears

Conte was not the only one that was victimized on this defense, but he was the one that stood out more times than not. The Bears have never had this bad a defense in a long time and it seemed like each week a new player was getting victimized. But with Conte, it seemed like they found him when he was on the field. And with the roughly $1.5 million that he was making this season, he may want to turn around and donate half to the team. They paid him too much.

Cornerback-Ike Taylor, Pittsburgh Steelers

Ike Taylor is a vet that has lasted a long time on the Steelers team. He has been loved by some and hated by others. But one thing we can agree on is he is overpaid. He made about $7.7 million this season for the Steelers and he is not a shutdown corner. He is a physical corner, but he can be beaten and beaten bad by wide receivers. And this season, he did not do much at all to justify being paid this amount of money. And he probably hasn’t in past years either. Steelers got had on this deal and he went in with eyes open and hand out to take it. Taylor won’t be there next year anyway I believe and I think the Steelers will thank him for his play, but secretly thank him for not robbing them anymore.

This is the inaugural NFL All Ski-Mask Way team. Special team awards go out to the Chicago Bears. They gave up 50+ points not once but twice this season. That should never happen in the NFL.

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