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Adrian Peterson’s future could mean a change of scenery

Adrian Peterson's ready to leave Minnesota. But what is next for him? (photo courtesy of

Adrian Peterson has been excellent over his career for the Minnesota Vikings. When the team last made the playoffs, they did so on his back as he gained over 2,000 yards rushing. But last year had to be a forgettable year for Peterson as a member of the Vikings. The star running back only played in one game and that one was not very memorable. Peterson had only 75 yards rushing on 21 attempts. But it was off the field where he had his biggest impact on the team off the field last season and not in a good way. Peterson got in trouble with the law in Texas due to the discipline of his child. The pictures showed where the child in question had what appeared to be marks all over his legs from the switch he was reportedly asked to go get for his whipping. And he also reportedly put leaves in his mouth as well form the branch. As a result of this, Peterson was placed on the Commissioner’s Exempt List until he was able to have his legal issues taken care of. But that was not the end of it. It seemed as if the team wanted to distance themselves from Peterson also. There were plenty that called for him to be released or suspended from the team in light of the incident. And the Vikings also began to lose sponsors as well. Eventually the Vikings did some things to show that they did not stand for what Peterson did and looked like they were distancing themselves from Peterson at this time. Fast forward to now and it seems like we have a stalemate between Peterson and the Vikings.

After the incident was resolved and the memory became short of some, the Vikings began to reach out to Peterson and voice their welcoming of Peterson back. The Vikings have visited the veteran running back in Texas to talk to him as well as talked to his agent over the offseason. And recently, Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said “there are no plans to trade Adrian Peterson” and that the relationship between he and Peterson is “still there”. But despite the tries to reach Peterson, the star running back seems hesitant to come out and say he wants to come back to Minnesota. In fact, his agent wants the Vikings to trade him to another team. And who can blame Adrian if he wants to be traded from Minnesota? Even though many view what he did personally as wrong, it seems the Vikings were ready to wash their hands of him when his incident was frontpage news and they were getting pressured to drop him by sponsors. But now that the incident has faded to the background, they now want to talk to him again? In his vision, that could look like the decision to fade him to black and then bring him back was money driven and did not show they had his back. And when a player feels that way, it’s hard to come back to the place that could so easily just throw you away. And it is because of that treatment he received that it is probably the end of the line for his career in Minnesota. The only way he could come back there is if he has a change of mind and a forgiving spirit for how he perceives he was treated. So with that being said, where does land next season in the NFL should he leave the Vikings, which is highly likely?

Out of all the teams that have been mentioned with him, the Arizona Cardinals are the team that would fit him best. The Cardinals lacked a consistent running game last season. With the acquisition of excellent run-blocker Mike Iupati, the Cardinals have a key piece to make their running game go. The only thing that could be missing is a power running back to make it happen. With who the Cardinals currently have, they lack that power back that takes them to the next level. Andre Ellington had a nice rookie season, but he seemed to never be able to stay healthy last season and did not have the same pop through the hole. With the addition of Peterson to this team, this will put Ellington in that Reggie Bush-style role for this team. And with him being able to make plays as a receiver and a running back, that makes this offense even that more explosive. But of course, there has to be some compromise with both teams and Peterson. With Arizona and Minnesota, they both have to agree on compensation. Honestly, the Vikings may be forced into taking compensation if this thing gets ugly. Mike Zimmer may not want to trade him, but it could get ugly enough that it ends up being just that. And with teams knowing Peterson wants to leave, they may get him for a bargain price. Maybe a 2nd or 3rd round pick could be changing hands with this one as compensation for the services of Peterson. Either way, the Cardinals don’t want to offer too much too soon to the Vikings, but they also run the risk of losing out to another team as well. The other big thing in this equation is the restructure of Peterson’s deal. He currently has three years left on his deal and he has a cap hit of $15 million is too high for them. Peterson has said that he is willing to restructure his deal and that is a good thing, but it will be interesting to see what they can workout should he land there in the Desert.

The Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson situation has not gotten any better despite attempts on the organization’s part to heal the wound. The best thing for both sides is a divorce at this point and time. And if Peterson has any hopes of winning a Super Bowl, he may want to hope Arizona wants him as much as media keeps putting those two together. We shall see how the picture unfolds, but it seems as if Peterson is done as a Viking if he has his way.

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  1. ASR

    March 26, 2015 at 2:12 pm

    I would not trade him because he wants out, only if I have the deal that would benefit my organization. AP is the one who violated his child not the Vikings and now he’s looking for guaranteed money if he stays? Either he stays and I cut or trade him in the off season or before camp. I’ve lost respect for him.

    • Mike Patton

      March 26, 2015 at 2:16 pm

      This isn’t about money here as much as you actually may think. Its about much more than that to Peterson.

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