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Ahmad Rashad Talks Pride As a Father Watching Condola

Ahmad Rashad is a former National Football League wide receiver who made four Pro Bowls with the Minnesota Vikings in the late 70s and early 80s.  After his playing career was over, he has enjoyed a successful career in the fields of television and broadcasting, most notably with NBC.  One thing that makes Rashad most proud today is watching his daughter, actress Condola Rashad, perform.

Ahmad talked about the joy of seeing his two-time Tony-nominated actress daughter perform on a Broadway stage.  “It’s a wonderful feeling, and I remember how my father used to walk around with pride about things that I did in my athletic career, and now all of a sudden I’m doing it with my daughter and her acting career, so it’s just a beautiful thing.”  Rashad continued to speak proudly of his daughter, who will be seen on the upcoming Fox television show “Hieroglyph.”  “She’s a wonderful, wonderful girl and a great actress and it’s just kind of fun to be along for the ride.”  That ride will soon take Rashad to a seat in front of the television watching his daughter in primetime.  

For more of my interview with Rashad, including his thoughts on the many rivalries of the New York Knicks, visit this link below.

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