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Almost Ignored, Champion Giants Quietly Get to Work by Jason Clinkscales

They’ve gone about their business with little national media coverage for a long time, even after two Super Bowls in four seasons. They play in a division where three other teams routinely grab headlines for everything other than gridiron success. They even play in a metro area where there’s a greater spotlight on their star-crossed stadium roommates.

And, as you’ve come to expect over the years, this is how the New York Giants like it.

There’s only one logical reason for the overshadowing of the defending Super Bowl champions; they’re not exactly what you’d call ‘sexy’. Their NFC East rivals tend to get more ink for big signings, or in the unfortunate case of Dallas and wide receiver Dez Bryant, legal troubles. The Philadelphia Eagles have been picked by some pundits to win the division based on sheer talent and a difficult schedule for the Giants, which makes no sense because save for two games apiece, all four teams, including Washington, have the same opponents this year. And with the arrival of America’s most famous Christian, Tim Tebow, to a team that missed the playoffs because of a shaky offense, the New York Jets once again own the mainstream press, but not much else (yet).

Save for the made-public hazing of second-year cornerback Prince Amukamara, New York hasn’t been seeking the spotlight. It’s the way head coach Tom Coughlin, general manager Jerry Reese and team ownership (mostly) do business, and unquestionably, it’s worked. You’d even think that there would be louder quips about their offseason changes – 10 regulars from 2011 did not return, including wide receiver Mario Manningham and running back Brandon Jacobs (both with the San Francisco 49ers) – but that’s been confined to those first days of free agency back in March.

Maybe this team is being taken for granted, or perhaps something else is at play. Pundits and fans could be giving their props by letting the Giants fly under the radar. When the season begins on September 5, 2012 however, there won’t be anything quiet about raising their fourth Super Bowl champion banner.


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  2. CMR

    August 21, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. For some reason the Giants that are a multi championship winning team in NEW YORK CITY ! Always get overlooked. But it’s cool they can talk about the Jets, Cowboys, and Eagles, and we’ll just keep on winning Super Bowls. That’s fine with me.

  3. CMR

    August 21, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    I mean ESPN did a piece where they ranked the top 5 QB/WR combos. They had to narrow it down to 5 out of a pool of 10. Manning to Cruz wasn’t even in the top 10 !! Brady to Welker, AND Brady to Gronk were both in the top 5. Are you kidding me ?!! Manning to Cruz basically got the Giants to the Super Bowl, and they don’t make the top 10 combos. Even Manning to Nicks should have been in the top 10. It’s ridiculous. The Giants are like Rodney Dangerfeild. No respect.

  4. thenewsofsports

    August 27, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    Hey, compare the Giants to the Jets, and I’d take the Giants any day of the week. It’s frustrating to be a Jets fan, after their QB problems and the constant flow of attention on Rex Ryan. The Giants have it good, so I wouldn’t complain Giants fans out there. Great article.

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