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Anthony Davis, The Next NBA Superstar

Davis is definitely making his presence felt this season (picture courtesy of

Anthony Davis is now one of the main attractions in the NBA. He is so big but yet so skilled as a big man in the NBA. He is literally a mismatch everytime he steps on the court. And it is because of the unique skills wrapped up in a unique package that he is the next superstar of the NBA. Stephen A. Smith, when asked about Anthony Davis by City Sports Report’s Derrel Johnson, had this to say in regards to the burgeoning superstar: “Anthony Davis is a star on the rise. He can defend, block shots, run the floor, finish on the break, he has a perimeter shot and he can handle. Remember, he is a guy that played guard in high school and then he ballooned six inches or so. He is a guard that can play the forward position.” Stephen A. Smith sung Anthony Davis’ praises and he is not the only one doing so. The Brow, uniquely nicknamed for his trademark unibrow, has put the NBA on notice. He is not waiting for his time. Davis is making everyone a believer that his time is now. But The Brow almost never happened.

At one point and time, the New Orleans Pelicans forward was just another guard playing basketball in high school. Standing at 6’2” during his sophomore season, Davis was lightly known on the basketball circuits. He was reportedly only being recruited by a mid-major school, Cleveland State. And at 6’2” and not really standing out, he probably was not a priority for the school at all. But in 18 months, everything changed for the native Chicagoan. Davis would go through a growth spurt that would see him go from 6’2” to 6’10”. And along with the growth spurt, his profile began to grow. The guy who was once lightly recruited soon became the most wanted player in the class of the 2011 and the consensus pick by almost everyone to be the top pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.

Davis’s ride, although fulfilling now, was not the easiest or most expected one. The unexpected can sometimes be a bad thing for some. But for Davis, the unexpected growth spurt launched him into the stratosphere of superstardom. And along with the superstardom that awaits him, there is also the fact that his unexpected growth spurt led him to being the most unique big man in the NBA. There is absolutely no big men that can handle the basketball the way he does and have as pure a stroke as he does from midrange. But as he has grown into his body, he has now become a player that can withstand the physical play and bang with the big boys down low. Some say that Kevin Durant is the most unique player in the NBA, but I beg to differ. The Brow can play like a big man or a guard whenever is needed while Durant can only play as a small forward and does not have the size to play down low. Davis may not shoot three’s like Durant, but he is definitely the more versatile of the two when it comes to being a complete offensive and defensive game.

Some said that Kevin Durant is the future after LeBron. But given the confidence that Davis is playing with and his increase in numbers across the board (Davis has increased his points, blocks, assists and rebounds per game this season), I would say the future resides in the Bayou. The time is now for Anthony Davis, the next superstar in the NBA. For more sports talk, feel free to contact me on Twitter at @General_MP or check me out on Facebook at Mike Patton-The General .


  1. Rob Thomas Brown

    December 10, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    Good article, I watched this young man play against the Cavaliers and he really impressed me. He did a little bit of everything in that game, scary talent

  2. ASR

    December 10, 2014 at 9:02 pm

    AD is a special talent once in a generation. Management has to put greater talent around him to advance to the playoffs but with that being said, I enjoy watching his game and development. Well done article!

  3. Lee Love

    December 11, 2014 at 11:56 pm

    very happy for this kid living in chicago heard and saw alot from him so not surprised at what is is doing…yes he is a star

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