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The Patriot Way Could Be Damaging Tom Brady’s Legacy

Tom Brady is one of the best, but will the Patriot Way tarnish his legacy (photo via

The Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl after beating the Indianapolis Colts at home 45-7. In a game they dominated, it looked like the Colts did not belong on the same field as the Patriots. The Patriots are gearing up to take on the Seattle Seahawks, but unfortunately the matchup is not what most are talking about these days. In the days following the AFC Championship game, the Patriots had to answer questions about the air in the footballs used in the game. The infamous Deflategate was upon us and has essentially overshadowed that there is one big football game that will take place in Arizona on February 1st. And just like that, many began to question the Patriot way. But even more than the Patriot way being questioned, is there an issue with Brady’s legacy as well?

Tom Brady was a 6th round draft pick that no one expected much of coming out of the 2000 Draft. But instead of being drafted and disappearing into oblivion, Brady worked his way up the depth chart to backup quarterback and got his shot when Drew Bledsoe was injured early in the 2001 season. He would go on to lead the Patriots to the Super Bowl that season and then launch his legacy. Now sitting with three Super Bowl titles, Brady is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time by many. Some even compare his success to the success of one of his favorite quarterbacks of all-time, Joe Montana. But even in the success he has had, there have to be some questions. Unfortunately, the Patriot way has not been something that can be reveled and used as a standard in all aspects. Sure, the Patriots have been a successful team ever since Belichick has been there. And the team-first mantra the team has is admired by many coaches at many different levels. But the Patriot way also has a dark side that comes along with it. Just like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, there can also be a train coming as well behind that light. And that train has led to a few things, including the multiple videotaping issues.

With the issues of videotaping and most recently the football issue, how does this affect Brady? During the entire time he has been with the Patriots, there has been these issues. Of course Deflategate did not have any effect the beatdown the Patriots gave the Colts, but it does not mean that it’s something that should be glossed over. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have denied anything ever happening and Belichick has never really accepted full responsibility publicly for the issues that have happened over the years, but the issues still remain and will not disappear. The issues stick around like those deep stains in a carpet that you clean up but are still embedded there, just not in the vision of everyone. With the accusations that were made and the proof that 11 of the 12 game footballs from the Patriots were less than the standard weight, there has been another deposit to that stain that was still lingering. And once again there is the nondescript answer that we usually get from Belichick like when anything he is questioned about. And everyone is left with questions in their minds about what really happened.

Because of the Patriots and doubts about “did they or didn’t they”, it could potentially affect how some view Brady in the pantheon of great quarterbacks. He will still be a great quarterback, but some will still look at some of the things New England was involved in and not put him at the top of their lists. It’s unfortunate because he may or may not be guilty of doing anything. But because of his association with the team during the events that happened, it could negatively affect how he is perceived. The Patriots are winners and that is undeniable, but the way it was gone about will leave some unanswered questions with some that viewed the Patriots in this generation.

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  1. Jason

    January 27, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    I think he is a top all time qb, he’s a winner. I think Tom falls in line with what his coach wants more then any other player in Bill’s coaching tenure. They go hand and glove with a perfect fit. The organization may be tarnished as a whole to some people. In my opinion bringing up past transgressions is a way for some people to get thinks off there chest or to try and argue a point they are trying to prove. The team keeps wining and I believe there’s a No Snitches mentally in N.E maybe more then any team in the NFL they are organized like a gang. Great article!

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