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Derrick Rose Injured Again. What’s Next For The Chicago Bulls?

Derrick Rose faces another uphill battle as he suffers another knee injury (photo courtesy of

Derrick Rose was in a familiar position. He was returning from an injury again and was trying to return to the form he once had. He had some games that where he looked like the former MVP and he had some games where he did not look so good either. But there was some hope that he would be able to make it back to a respectable level in the NBA. But then, all of a sudden, the crippling blow hits the Bulls once again. Tuesday night it was confirmed that Derrick Rose had an MRI and it was discovered the Rose has a meniscus tear in his right knee. Surgery is going to be scheduled for Rose and there is no timetable for his return. All the excitement of him making it through the season and then turning it on in the playoffs taken away potentially with one injury. While it has not been announced that he is out for the rest of the season, it is assumed that he will not be able to make it back in time to help this team, thus giving the Bulls another crippling blow. But where do the Bulls go from here?

The Bulls will have some options at point guard going forward. Backup point guard Aaron Brooks will now step into the starting point guard position more than likely. He is a veteran that has been a starter in his career and has played well in that role. He can score and score in bunches and in various ways. But the down side to Brooks is that he is not the greatest defensive player. He will now be going against the starting point guards for teams now and that could put him at a big disadvantage. The Bulls were already having some issues defensively this season and his addition to the starting lineup will only add to them. Another option at point guard is Kirk Hinrich. The veteran point guard out of the University of Kansas was kept in Chicago this offseason because of his versatility defensively to guard the point guard and shooting guard positions. Offensively, he is able to knock down threes and can be as streaky as can be. But the thing about Hinrich is he is not a playmaker for their offense. Rose was a definite playmaker for the team and he would take over at times with against opposing teams. But one other factor in the backcourt that will get a chance is guard E’Twan Moore. He was signed as an afterthought for the Bulls this season and some never thought he would even play that much. Well, Moore has had times where he has played and done well. And at other times, he has been put on the court just to save fouls on other players. Moore brings a bigger body at the point guard position (6’4”) but he is not a playmaker at the position at all. He is more of a shooter and slasher at times. Nothing more nothing less. We shall see what combination of these three plays the point guard position, but there will be none that fit the role of Derrick Rose.

As far as going forward, the Bulls have Rose on the books for two more seasons at more than $20 million per season. The thoughts of moving him to another team are something that would be very hard to do at this point due to his salary and his propensity to get injured. The Bulls also have to pay shooting guard Jimmy Butler this offseason or risk losing him to another team (Bulls can match any deal he gets this offseason due to Butler being a restricted free agent). The Bulls are known not to want to pay the luxury tax if they don’t have to and looking at their roster and Taj Gibson coming off the bench, he may be on his way out of Chicago after the season is complete. The best guess is Gibson gets traded to a place that he can start next season and the Bulls get Butler signed to a new deal to stay in Chicago. The next thing the Bulls will look into is getting Rose’s replacement. There are no guarantees with Rose anymore and after him not being healthy for so long, it’s time for the Bulls to look into the future and draft or find someone ready to take over for him. If they look around the NBA, there are some young guys that could step in and fit the Bulls and their system if they are willing to go get them. It’s on the front office to make that decision to move forward in finding a replacement to take over for Rose and to quit depending on Rose to come back and be the player he once was on the court.

You have to feel for Derrick Rose and his injury-riddled career since he won the MVP. It just seems like he cannot catch a break on the court. A career once seemed destined for greatness is heading down the road of a Grant Hill or Penny Hardaway. The only thing missing is for him to play in Orlando at this point. Although there has not been a determination of how long he will be out, there is a definite feeling that he will and cannot be who he once was and that it may be time to turn the page. For a Chicago-born kid who grew up watching the Bulls and cheering for them, it has to be tough to have this keep happening over and over while playing for your hometown city. Maybe it just was not in the cards for him to be the hometown kid that made good for his city by bringing home a championship. Rose went from a budding star to an inury-riddled star right before our eyes. All hope to him for a speedy recovery and potentially a chance to play basketball at a consistent level once again. But at this point, the injuries are mounting and each time you get an injury, a little more of the athleticism and quickness goes with it as you get older. For the Bulls, Rose’s injury was a punch in the gut that took their breath away and severely damaged their championship aspirations. But for Rose, it has put him back in the familiar position of trying to fight back from injury again. How much does he have left to keep coming back from these injuries is the case and can he withstand these occurrences mentally? We shall see going forward. All hopes for a speedy recovery. He has been robbed of his chance to star in the NBA due to injuries. And NBA fans and Bulls fans alike have been robbed of watching his incredible athleticism on display.

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  1. Jason

    February 25, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    It’s crazy how his career has turned for the worse. Hatevto b see it though.

  2. Lee Love

    February 25, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    Living in Chicago I’ve had the opportunity to watch this kid grow up and you know he was destined for stardom, it’s such a shame his body has let him down lately. Sometimes there are great players (ie.Grant Hill) whose body can’t keep up with the rigors of the NBA especially if they are as hard charging & fearless as Rose. I feel so bad for him because I truly believes he loves the game and wants to help his team. But regardless of what is sad it will be hard to determine which Rose returns to play.
    It is a business I know the Bulls have to move on & thinking about beyond this year, going to be an interesting time for the front office.

  3. ASR

    February 25, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    Terrible news about Rose, I don’t know if he’ll ever regain his health in regards to his NBA career but devastating news.

  4. Rob Thomas Brown

    February 25, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    Big fan of Rose, love the way he plays, such a sad thing to see. As players get older,their style of play changes and evolves, he’ll just have to do it sooner for health reasons. Good luck and well wishes to a speedy recovery

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