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Cam Newton To New York Giants In 2015?

Could Cam Newton Bolt Carolina for New York? (Photo by Marc Rasbury)

Cam Newton is coming off his most successful season to date in the NFL. He threw for more touchdowns (24) than he ever had in his young career while posting a career-high in completion percentage. But in the end, the lack of offensive weapons for the Panthers caught up to them. The Panthers lost to the San Francisco 49ers in the Divisional Round of the playoffs 23-10. Newton was sacked five times and he was also forced into two interceptions. The success of the team looked to be a springboard into the 2014-2015 season and into the Cam Newton contract extension talks, but that has yet to progress.

The talks between the Panthers and Newton on a contract extension have been few and far between. Cam saw the team-friendly deal that Kaepernick signed with the San Francisco 49ers (he took less of a signing bonus and has less guaranteed money) and immediately said he was not going to go that same route. It’s obvious Cam is looking to cash in with his next contract. But is he also setting up an exit from Carolina? If I were him, I would definitely be thinking about it. His top three wide receivers (Steve Smith, Ted Ginn Jr. and Brandon LaFell) all are on new teams this years after the club decided not to re-sign them. You would think the Panthers would be looking to upgrade the position and help Cam. Well, the opposite was true in this instance. Cam now has rookie Kelvin Benjamin along with veterans Jericho Cotchery, Tiquan Underwood and Jason Avant as his wide receiving corps. And among these four, there is not one leading wide receiver. Benjamin has the potential to be, but he is still learning the position. Add to the disappointing wide receiving corps the lack of replacement for offensive tackle Jordan Gross (retirement) and the overpaid backfield that cannot produce and Carolina is not looking too stable around Cam. And unlike last season, defense and running the football is not going to get it done. The offense needed to adapt and unfortunately they did not. As a result, Newton should look elsewhere. What place is that you may ask? That would be New York and not the Jets but the Giants.

Plenty look at the Giants and think they are set at the quarterback position with Eli Manning. But honestly, that is far from the case. Heading into 2014, some thought the Giants would be approaching Eli to restructure his deal and save the Giants money against the cap. And Eli said that he would be ready to make the deal if approached by the organization. But the Giants brass never really went into discussing a new deal with Manning at all. It appears they are going to let Eli try and prove himself worthy of that extension. Eli technically has two years left on the six-year deal he signed in 2009. But after last year’s career-high 27 interceptions, it appears Eli’s career in New York after 2014 will be based on the on-field results. If he comes out and plays well, then Eli will be signing another extension and will likely end his career in New York. But with an offensive line that is replacing at least four starters, it could be a tall task for him to be successful. But if he does not have that good of a season, it could set off a chain of events in New York. Another bad season would mean Tom Coughlin, along with brand new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, could be exiting the building. That would leave the Giants with veteran backup quarterback Curtis Painter and a youthful and inexperienced signal-caller in Ryan Nassib. Neither one of these quarterbacks would exactly be the guys Giants faithful would love to see. And drafting a young quarterback could mean the Giants would be out of contention in the NFC East for a while.

In the case Eli bombs out this year and is released, Cam Newton would be a perfect replacement. He could slide right into the situation in New York and be very successful. His mobility could make the offensive line look good despite their potential shortcomings. And with weapons like Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham Jr. and Rueben Randle, Cam would have the best trio of wide receivers he has ever had in his career. With the success he would potentially see on the field, he would begin to receive more opportunities off the field. He is already receiving endorsements in Carolina, but in New York the opportunities would be endless for him. He could become a Giant on the field and off in New York where his personality would fit the city perfectly. But the biggest thing Cam would bring is stability at the quarterback position. In the last couple of years, Eli’s numbers have started to slide downward and there is no certainty he can rebound in 2014. Eli’s cap hit for 2015 is $19.75 million, but the dead money that would affect the Giants cap is $2.5 million. And over the length of the contract extension Eli signed that took effect in 2010, Eli was only guaranteed $35 million, which he has already earned in the first three years of the deal. With the expected cap rise in 2015 after a new television deal, the Giants will have more than enough space to accommodate a contract for a rising talent like Newton. The picture may not be clear for the Giants right now, but it’s evident that the future at quarterback may happen sooner than later. And it’s also clear that Newton may be an option available for them as the contract talks continue to go nowhere in Carolina.

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