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Robinson Cano Gets The Last Laugh On The Yankees

Looks like things are looking good for Robinson Cano in Seattle( picture courtesy of

Current Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano was once looked at as the next in line to take over as the face of the New York Yankees. Well, as we all know, he is in Seattle as a Mariner, helping that team try to make the playoffs. But what we did not know was the thoughts of Cano about his former team. Recently, Cano and Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia had a charity basketball event at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center when a reporter asked him a question about if the Yankees missed him. With a chuckle, Cano responded, “You’re gonna have to ask them that.” Immediately the crowd of reporters surrounding him broke out in laughter because they knew he wanted to say they missed him. And in their heart of hearts, the Yankees and the reporters know Cano is 100% correct.

As we take a look at the standings, the Yankees are looking up at the Mariners in the standings despite the recent hot streak of New York. This used to not be the case for the Yankees in the past with Cano in the lineup. Cano was special in the lineup for New York. In his last four years in New York, he hit over 25+ homeruns every single year. If you take a look at the production from the second base position, it’s a far cry from what Cano was bringing. The replacements for Cano have been Stephen Drew and Martin Prado for the most part. Drew was acquired via trade from the Red Sox and has not even broke the .200 barrier with his batting average. As far as Martin Prado, he was another acquisition via trade for the Yankees during this season. He has done well in his 21 games with the Yankees (21 RBIs), but he has not been the power bat that Cano once was for New York. And with the loss of Alex Rodriguez (suspension) and Mark Texeira battling injuries again this year, the Yankees don’t quite have the power they once had.

The Yankees took the money they would have spent on Cano and added outfielders Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran. Ellsbury was expected to bring the speed and power and Beltran was expected to bring the clutch-hitting and veteran savvy. Well, both have been missing in action for the salaries they are being paid. Jacoby has eclipsed his homerun total of last year, but he has not been what the Yankees expected he would be. He is still stealing bases at a pretty good clip, but he has not had the impact the Yankees thought he would. And it is apparent that they overpaid for his services ($22 million average per year on his deal). As far as Beltran, he has been hurt more than he has actually played (so far 93 games played this year). He has produced 15 homeruns in that time, but his average is his worst of his long career, .239. These two along with catcher Brian McCann were supposed to replace the firepower of Cano. But instead of that, they have struggled collectively in the bright lights of New York.

In the end, the Yankees did not want to pay Cano what he felt he was worth. And as a result, the Yankees are fighting to make the playoffs while the Mariners are looking the best they have looked in a long time. The Yankees blew Cano’s demands off. And like in his comments, it looks like Cano may be getting the last laugh.

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  1. Mike

    September 21, 2014 at 1:20 am

    I’m a Yankee fan,but I’m happy for him. He gave me an autographed ball,when I was sick.

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