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Carmelo Anthony Is Staying Home

The New York Knicks released the 2014-2015 Schedule (Photo by Torrance White)

Carmelo Anthony’s first foray into free agency is over and it’s over where it first began. The New York Knicks forward has decided to re-sign with the team to the tune of five years and $120+ million. It was thought earlier in the process that he may leave the Big Apple for greener pastures, like the Chicago Bulls, who are better equipped to win right now. But in the end, he just could not find it within himself to leave the city he currently calls home. But this should not be too much of a surprise for many of us though. I, like many others, overlooked the clues that were laid out on the table during the entire free agency process for Melo.

One interview he did this offseason with Vice Sports gave us an indication as to what Melo was going to do at decision time:

Notice at the 2:20 mark he started to talk about his decision and that he also began to talk about his family. Once he delved off into his family, he talked about his son and having to move him somewhere else and him having to make new friends in that potential new place. Melo mentioned how he went through the same thing and how hard it was for him when he moved at a young age. Right then and there he told us that he was leaning very heavily to staying with the Knicks. He also told us that the decision was more than just about dollars. Money had a role, but his family definitely played a major part in him coming back to play with the Knicks.

But not only did Carmelo’s family play a role, but the Zen Master himself did as well. When Phil Jackson was hired by the Knicks as the president of basketball operations, it was thought to be too little too late by some. But maybe that move was what it took to help keep Melo stationed in New York. Even though some perceived these two as not meshing, somehow along the way, Melo began to gain belief in what the Zen Master was preaching. And that belief was shown when Melo, on his recruiting trip to Los Angeles, began to reportedly talk to free agent big man Pau Gasol about coming to New York to play with him. With the salary cap limitations of the Knicks this offseason, it seems like a far-fetched idea, but that talk showed that Melo had some belief in what Phil can do with the Knicks organization around him.

With the pull of familiarity and the belief in Phil, Carmelo has now signed on to maintain his status as the star of Gotham. The scrutiny will definitely be at an all-time level, as the expectations are that he, Phil and head coach Derek Fisher are building towards a championship with Carmelo as the centerpiece. It should be interesting to see if Melo’s faith in Phil will be repaid in winning, something he has not done on a high level. But three things are certain about Melo: he is highly paid, in his comfort zone and has completed his free agency. It should be interesting to see what happens in the next five years in New York.

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