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Carmelo talks to Kobe about Triangle Offense

Carmelo Anthony speaking to media (Photo by Jazz Johnson)

On the eve of the start of the 2014-2015 NBA season, Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks held an open practice for fans at Madison Square Garden that featured three quarters of basketball and performances by Swizz Beats and Nas.  Before the practice, Carmelo spoke to media, and talked about conversations he had with Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant about the legendary Triangle Offense installed by Knicks head coach Derek Fisher and Knicks President Phil Jackson.

“We’ve talked here and there about the overall view of the Triangle, his take on the Triangle but we haven’t really gotten into full details about what to expect from the Triangle right now.”

Then Melo talked about Kobe and his opinion on how he would advise him.  “If I know Kobe the way I think I know him he’s more of the person that will let me go out there and see how it works out and then throughout the season I’m pretty sure he will be reaching out and saying “OK I see this or I see that.”

Carmelo also mentioned how he would be proactive if he had questions.  “If I need advice from other people and need to talk to somebody I have the right people in my phone to call to talk to them.”  We know that Kobe Bryant and Knicks President Phil Jackson are two of those people, but, as a Jordan Brand athlete, is one of those people in his phone to call Michael Jordan himself?

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