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Caron Butler a Proud Father Off the Basketball Court

Two-time NBA All-Star and University of Connecticut standout Caron Butler, who currently plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder, has been in the limelight for a while.  Butler experienced a tough childhood and it could be said that playing basketball saved him from a life in prison, or worse.

Butler is the proud father of five, including three young girls, and expressed his thoughts on what it means to be a father.  “Fatherhood means being a role model. I want the way that I live my life to be a manual for the way that my kids live theirs. I grew up without a father, so all of the things that I wish I could have done with my Dad, I am doing with my kids now.”

I asked Butler what superpower he would choose as a father if given the opportunity. “If I had a super power it would be to see into the future so I could choose the right husbands for my girls!”  Butler would not only save his daughters from making mistakes, but also save those men from having to deal with the wraith of the 6’7”, 230lb Butler!

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