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Can the Yankees Win One for CC? By Marc “Razz” Rasbury

Can CC Sabathia get any love or at least some run support?  The guy has kept the New York Yankees in every game that he has pitched this season, but with the bullpen blowing two saves on his watch, Sabathia has very little to show for his efforts thus far in this campaign.  

The Big Fella deserves better than this.  In four outings, he has pitched 25 strong innings with an ERA of 2.52 and an average of a strikeout per inning.  So why has this guy not earned his first victory of the season?

Well for starters, the Yankees bullpen has blown two games for CC.  Yes, he struggled a bit on Sunday night against the Texas Rangers. He gave up four runs in five innings, but the Yankees came roaring back to take the lead in the six with three home runs.  CC handed the ball to reliever Joba Chamberlain with a one-run lead in the seventh.  Before you knew it, Michael Young belted a Chamberlain offering for an RBI ground-rule double.  Eric Chaves returned the favor, belting an RBI double of his own to recapture the lead in the eighth.  The Yanks won but it was a disappointing script that CC has read before.

On opening day, CC pitched six effective innings, gave up two earned runs and struck out seven in frigid conditions and left the clubhouse with nothing to show for it.  He left the game against the Minnesota Twins with a four-run lead, striking out six and did not give up an earned run, while giving up only two hits.  He had to sit there and watch Rafael Soriano blow that lead in the eighth. Then, he went into Fenway Park and gave up only one run but left with nothing to show for it yet again.

The Yanks have to start producing more runs for CC, but more importantly, the bullpen is going to have to start protecting the leads that CC turns over to them.  CC should be 4-0 or at least 3-1 by now.  Sooner or later CC is going to breakdown under the pressure that he has to pitch a gem if he wants to guarantee a victory for himself.  The Yankee generally do not have a problem scoring runs.  They have already hit 27 HRs in 25 games so there is not a problem in that area.  As far as CC is concerned, the bullpen is another story.

CC is the Yankees’ workhorse, but they are treating him like a government mule.  There are only so many beatings a workhorse can take before he is ready for the glue factory.

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