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Cleveland Cavaliers 2014 Draft Recap

Andrew Wiggins Speaks with Media on Eve of 2014 NBA Draft (Photo by Derrel Johnson)


Andrew Wiggins Hopes to Change the Fortune of the Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo by Marc Rasbury)

Andrew Wiggins Hopes to Change the Fortune of the Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo by Marc Rasbury)

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a lottery pick for the past four years.  They have also had three number one overall picks in the past four years.  However, on Thursday night, the Cavaliers had hopes of finally getting out of the lottery, and possibly making it into the playoffs.  With the draftees the Cavs selected, they hope all three can make a difference for their organization, and most importantly help the team get back into the playoffs.

The No.1 Pick

The Cleveland Cavaliers finally did something right.  With the No.1 overall pick, the Cleveland Cavaliers selected Andrew Wiggins from Kansas.  Wiggins is viewed as a top tier prospect in this draft that can provide an immediate impact as a wing defender for the Cavs; the Cavs desperately needed someone who could effectively defend the perimeter.  Wiggins isn’t just a defensive stopper either. With a true shooting percentage of 56.3, Wiggins can be effective on the offensive end; however, he can still develop on the offensive end by working on his ball handling and having a few more moves in his arsenal. The most intriguing aspect about Wiggins is his upside. He is only 19, and as aforementioned, he can still greatly develop on offense.  Even if Wiggins doesn’t turn out to be a superstar–and many think he will–if he can provide at least 18 points and around eight rebounds per game, it will be enough for this Cavs squad, as they desperately need help on the wing at both ends of the floor.

The No.33 Pick

Who is Joe Harris? Joe Harris is a sharpshooter from the University of Virginia.  Last season Harris averaged 40% from three point land, while also totaling 12.6 PPG.  Harris can be the Cavs’ three point specialist, spacing the floor for Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters to kick the ball out to him for threes.  However, at this point in the draft, the Cavs still could’ve used a solid backup for  Andrew Wiggins. Players such as Cleanthony Early, Glenn Robinson III, and Jerami Grant were still on the board. Any of these players could’ve been a solid role player off the bench, and provide good all around play.  Moreover, the Cavs made an okay selection here as three point shooting is not a glaring need; the Cavs shot 35.6% from three point range last season.


The No.45 Pick(Trade with Charlotte)

The Cavs got back into the draft Thursday night by trading forward, Alonzo Gee, receiving the No.45 pick and Brendan Haywood in return.  With the No.45 pick, the Cavs selected Dwight Powell out of Stanford. Powell is a very intriguing prospect, as he is a solid all around power forward.  Powell has an outstanding post game and is a capable shooter as well.  At Stanford last season Powell averaged 25.6% from three and 46.2% from the field.  Powell is also great at driving the lane, and drawing contact.  A power forward with some ball skills and athleticism is just what the Cavs needed. They get all that and more with Dwight Powell.

The Cavs ultimately had one of their better drafts, as most of the time they upset their fanbase making out of left field picks.  However, with the picks they made in the 2014 NBA Draft, they may finally get out of the lottery–a Cavs fan can only hope at least.

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