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Cleveland Cavaliers Re-sign Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving at MSG after singing new deal with Cleveland Photo by: Thomas Humphrey

The Cleveland Cavaliers have officially recognized Kyrie Irving as their franchise player, signing him to a five-year maximum contract worth $90 million.  The Cavs are looking to finally get back into the playoffs, and they made a huge statement drafting highly coveted prospect Andrew Wiggins.  Surely within the Cavs’ organization, they believe that a combination of Wiggins and Irving can be competitive long term.

With the Cavs signing Irving long term, look for them to make more moves to surround Irving with talent.  The Cavs are, of course, looking to make a run at Miami Heat superstar and former Cavalier, LeBron James. Many have asked whether James will return to Cleveland, possibly bringing a championship to the championship-deprived city.  However, the Cavs just don’t have James on their radar, but Marcin Gortat, Trevor Ariza, and Chandler Parsons as well.  If the Cavs can sign any of these players during free agency, they won’t be a team on the fringe of the playoffs, but a viable playoff team.

Because of Irving’s max contract, how will this affect LeBron’s decision? James reportedly wants a max contract next year–and rightly so–no matter what team he is on.  James’ max contract would be worth $20.7 million.  At the least, the Cavs will have $13 million in cap space. With the Cavs endorsing Irving as their franchise player, one has to wonder if LeBron is willing to play second fiddle.  Factors such as Irving’s blatant ball dominance–Irving averaged 6.1 assists per game this past season; for qualified point guards (qualified point guards play 70% of their team’s games), Irving is ranked at #15 out of 54.  Will LeBron want to play with a ball dominant point guard? These are questions that will need to be asked before the Cavs potentially grab James in free agency.


At least Irving is glad to be in Cleveland. Irving tweeted this early Tuesday morning:



So Cavs fans sit back and relax. Your franchise guy is here to stay, and with it, he may be the one to lead this championship deprived team to the playoffs.

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