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Derek Jeter Was Cheated By The Yankees In His Farewell Season

Jeter has been the mainstay at shortstop for 20 years in New York

Derek Jeter has been a great ambassador for Major League Baseball for a very long time. When you think of words that can be associated with him, you think “classy”, “leader” and “winner”. As his last season comes to an end, Jeter will be finishing his career in an unfamiliar place: outside the playoffs. And to his credit, he has handled everything that has gone on with incredible poise. His team still is fighting until the end, wanting to be successful. But the truth about the Yankees and the way Jeter is leaving is it’s not right. Jeter definitely had a charmed for almost his whole career. But the truth is he deserved a better ending than the Yankees gave him. And even though the fans showed Jeter love in his farewell year, he definitely got cheated by the Yankees this season.

Some may feel that the word “cheated” is too strong. William Lee, a native New Yorker and Yankees fan, had this to say in regards to Jeter potentially being cheated by the Yankees: “Cheated may be a strong word. I would say he was let down by the other veterans underperforming.” William definitely has a point. The acquisitions the Yankees made this team look even better to some because of who they were adding. Jacoby Ellsbury was expected to bring excitement and speed while catcher Brian McCann was supposed to be an offensive upgrade over former catcher Russell Martin. Add the expert pitching of Tanaka and the hitting of Carlos Beltran and the Yankees were thought to have made the necessary aquisitions. Well, the Yankees’ vision did not exactly come together as they thought. Ellsbury and Beltran underwhelmed, McCann succumbed to the pressures of playing in New York and Tanaka suffered an elbow ligament injury that shortened his season. The veterans definitely deserve some of the blame here. But definitely not all of it.

Ricky Keeler, Yankees fan and host of internet radio show Yankees Go Yard, also had some thoughts on Jeter potentially being cheated at the end of his career: “It’s tough to see Derek miss out on the playoffs in his final two seasons, especially considering his goal was always to win the World Series every season. The Yankees’ offense will be the main reason why they miss the playoffs. Despite Derek’s struggles this season (.256 average), this past 7-game hit streak has showed us Derek always knows how to prove the doubters wrong. Unfortunately, the team couldn’t send the Captain or Mariano last season on a better note.” Keeler pointed to the offense being a serious issue. And with struggles of the aforementioned Ellsbury, Beltran and McCann along with the injury-riddled season of first baseman Mark Texiera, the Yankees seemed like they were dealt some bad luck all season long. But to be honest, there is a bigger reason the Yankees are where they are now.

When Jeter first broke into the majors, he was given the chance to play and become an important piece of that team. The same can be said for guys like outfielder Bernie Williams, catcher Jorge Posada and closer Mariano Rivera. The Yankees would continue to develop pieces within their organization as well as bring in veterans to fill in the holes over the years as the Yankees returned to prominence. But as time went on, it seemed like the Yankees began to forget about that formula more and more when building teams. And when The Boss, George Steinbrenner died, it seems like it got even worse when his family took over. The crazy thing is Steinbrenner was known for trading prospects for bigtime talent around the time Jeter, Williams, Posada and Mariano all started arriving. But if it were not for a suspension of Steinbrenner at the time and his acceptance of his general manager’s suggestion to not trade any of these players, the Yankees would not be where they are. The Boss knew what he had and it seems like the kids have yet to figure out the formula to make it happen and enjoy long success. So instead of the blame laying at the feet of the veterans and the offense of the team, I think the Yankees organization as a whole cheated him. They always went for the quick fix instead of doing what was best for the team and organization. If they would have done what was best, then maybe the team would have had sustained success over the last two years instead of waffling like they have.

Jeter was a class act and a great player. Many can arguably say that he was the greatest Yankee of all-time. But with how great his career was, it is a shame that we do not get to see him in the playoffs to end his career. And the ultimate blame goes to the owners of the team. Jeter deserved a better exit than missing the playoffs. And one of the greatest shortstops of my generation has been cheated of a chance to add to his greatness.

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  1. LaShawn Encarnacion

    September 26, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    One of the draw backs of a TEAM sports. Cannot do everyone as one man, regardless how how great that one man is.

    Jeter went out the BEST he could, a LEGEND.

  2. Lee Love

    September 27, 2014 at 11:36 am

    I agree with the everything pointed out in this article and it demonstrates that in team sports it does take “team” effort…Jeter’s last game in NY sums up his career – the clutch hit to win the game…The Man is a Winner!

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