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Derek Jeter Passes Honus Wagner On The All-Time Hits List

New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter plays final games in pinstripes (Photo by Marc Rasbury)
New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter Passed Honus Wagner (Photo by Marc Rasbury)

New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter Passed Honus Wagner (Photo by Marc Rasbury)

Derek Jeter has won many championships and eclipsed 3,000 hits in his illustrious career. And now Jeter has reached an even higher level of achievement. The leader of the New York Yankees tied baseball great Honus Wagner with 3,430 hits last night versus the Cleveland Indians on this play:

We all knew it was just a matter of time before he passed Wagner on the list. Well, in the sixth inning of today’s game versus the Indians, Jeter passed Wagner on the all-time hits list with an infield single. Jeter now stands at a total of 3,431 hits for his career as he tries to do his part to keep the Yankees in contention for the playoffs. He has had many great moments in his career, and this will undoubtedly be one that he will remember as he is playing his last season. With the season and Jeter’s playing career coming to an end, the next closest player on the all-time hits list is Tris Speaker. But Tris Speaker is at 3,514 hits, which seems to be too far away for Jeter to achieve.

The Yankees great has given the fans one more reason to stand and applaud him on what has been an excellent career. Job well done Mr. Jeter. Hopefully for Yankees fans this will not be the last moment they applaud Jeter for doing something great, as Yankees fans are still hoping the team sends him out in the playoffs instead of the regular season.

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