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Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation Gift Wrapping Party at Yankee Stadium

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More than three dozen New York City high school students from the Turn 2 Foundation’s Jeter’s Leaders program assembled gift bags at their annual holiday gift wrapping party Tuesday at Yankee Stadium.

The 1,100 gift bags assembled,which included items donated by the New York Yankees, Jordan Brand, and Haddad, will go to young people this holiday season.

The Turn 2 Foundation, established by former New York Yankees team captain Derek Jeter in 1996, has rewarded more than $20 million in grants to create and support signature programs and activities that motivate young people to “TURN 2″ healthy lifestyles. The foundation is overseen by Jeter’s sister, Sharlee Jeter, the president of the Turn 2 Foundation.

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Jeter’s Leaders is the keystone program of Turn 2 Foundation.  It is designed to promote healthy lifestyles, academic achievement, and social change activism among high school students.

One member of Jeter’s Leaders in particular I spoke with, Fatima, 14, provided insight on what being part of this program has meant to her when it comes to dealing with life’s everyday challenges.

“There’s a lot, maintaining my grades is really hard, and also being able to do all my responsibilities. There’s school and this (the foundation). It’s get home late, do your homework, go to school, do the same routine … I just keep in my mind that I’m going to do something better in the future and it’s going to benefit me. It’s not going to get easier, because life always throws obstacles at you, but it’s going to get better.”

Fatima’s goal? She wants to be “President of the United States”. After speaking with her, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to one day learn of Fatima meeting that goal.

After assembling the gift bags, members of Jeter’s Leaders were treated to a pre-holiday party in Yankee Stadium’s Legends Suite.

It was an honor and privilege to cover this event for

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