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Derrick Rose Says He Will Play on Friday

Derrick Rose worked through his jitters with Team USA

In the final question Chicago Bulls point guard was asked after not playing in USA Basketball’s 105-62 win over the Dominican Republic at Madison Square Garden, he simply responded ‘yeah.’  The question?  Are you playing on Friday against Puerto Rico.

The former MVP played Saturday in Chicago against Brazil, scoring 7 points on 2-5 shooting in 24 minutes of action.  But Rose didn’t dress for an open practice at West Point, NY that was aired on television, and also missed tonight’s game against the Dominicans with a sore knee, the same knee that has kept him out most of the past two NBA seasons.

Rose was also asked about the guard play of his USA teammates, and his answer got a few laughs.  “We won by 30 or 40.  You can’t complain about it, you know?  They really came out there and played great defense.  For me, I think our biggest concern is defense, because offensively we’re so gifted with the guys that come in and do their work every day and stay consistent with their work, so I’m not worry about that part.  It’s our defensive end, really getting into guys and taking people’s confidence away right when we step on the court.”

Hopefully Derrick Rose will be leading the charge in taking away the confidence of teams playing the United States of America on Friday and in every game following.  If so, then we can look for a healthy Derrick Rose in a Chicago Bulls uniform on opening night in this same arena, as his team will take on the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

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