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Domantas Sabonis : Son of a Hall of Famer


One of the biggest discoveries I made watching the Gonzaga Bulldogs defeat the St. John’s Red Storm in the preseason NIT Final at Madison Square Garden on Friday was the 6’10” Domantas Sabonis, who had 14 points and 9 rebounds on 6-6 shooting in 26 minutes off the bench.  Last name sounds familiar?  The 18-year old is the son of Basketball Hall of Famer Arvydas Sabonis.

Sabonis is shooting a sizzling .763 from the floor in six games this season, slightly above the .762 he is shooting from the free throw line.  Gonzaga head coach Mark Few talked about the future star who is coming off the bench and his flexibility on the floor.  “He’s basically a starter.  It’s nice to have somebody like that.  I mean, he’s thought of as such…that’s why we play him at the end of games, and playing him at the end of games, even switching ball screens with him; so putting him on guards after they set a ball screen.
But he’s a great rebounder.  He’s got great hands, and the best thing that he has is he’s got a motor.  He plays hard.  You saw him out run their guys a couple times for easy ones, and that’s always such a gift to have as a player, and to bring to a team if you don’t have to get somebody going.  You never question his effort, which sounds simple, but boy, it’s great to have somebody play that hard.”

Few continued talking about Sabonis, who will no doubt be in the NBA soon.  “I think he’s going to get nothing but better, and our team will adapt as he does get better…Sabonis, he just turned 18 a couple months ago, which is amazing in this day and age of prep schools and all that, to have a true 18‑year‑old freshman.”  Gonzaga will be a team to watch going forward, and Domantas Sabonis may be the biggest reason why.

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