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Dr. J Julius Erving Talks Fatherhood, NBA Draft with Derrel Jazz Johnson

National Basketball Hall of Famer Julius Erving, better known as ‘The Doctor’ or ‘Dr. J’ was recently in New York City representing the Philadelphia 76ers at the NBA Draft Lottery.  Many may recall Dr. J making a strange face when the Sixers were awarded the 10th pick overall, something I spoke to him about after the lottery took place.  The team was also positioned in the three spot as well, giving them two picks in the top 10 of a draft that is said by many to have a lot of talent.

 I also had the opportunity to ask him when his faith was of most importance to him, and he segued into fatherhood and childbirth. “I think at childbirth. Being a father of seven children and five grandchildren, at childbirth, that’s when you really see what God’s plan is for you. Whatever you are doing, whatever you think is important, suddenly your whole world changes and you have an individual who has comes into the world who is totally dependent on you. And God has blessed you with that child, pro or con because lots of times, it’s not the easiest road to ho but it’s the one that you have to find out your character, find out your wherewithal, (discover) your faith, within, from that experience.”

Other than fatherhood and the NBA Draft, I also had the opportunity to speak with “The Doctor” about the first season of NBA Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams of the 76ers.


Check out the video at the link below

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