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The End Is Near For Robert Griffin III

robert griffin iii exiting the field

Robert Griffin III entered the NFL as a much-valued prospect. He had track speed, a strong arm and the mental aptitude to handle an NFL playbook. The Redskins saw all those tools and made a deal with the Rams to acquire the 2nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. They took Griffin III and he immediately took them to another level. The Redskins went from missing the playoffs badly in 2011 to winning the NFC East over Dallas in the last game of the 2012 season. But the greatness that we saw in RGIII in his rookie season ended in one play versus the Seattle Seahawks:

First, there is no way that Griffin III should have been playing in this game. He was obviously not himself at all the entire game because he was dragging his right leg. But it was when this play happened that we saw the end of the RGIII we came to know. Ever since the injury against Seattle, RGIII has not been the same. He has been injured a lot and when he is in there, he seems to not trust his ability anymore because of the fear of getting hurt. But the latest injury could mean something far worse for Griffin III. The mobile quarterback was scrambling to his right when his left ankle just buckled under him while heaving a throw downfield. The result of the injury is a dislocated ankle and the timetable for RGIII’s return is unknown. What is further unknown is the status of his career. He has essentially gone from a star in the making to an injury-prone quarterback. And in his stead, the Redskins have a backup in Kirk Cousins, who helped engineer a 41-10 beatdown of the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday afternoon. With RGIII’s status up in the air, is it possible that Cousins will be leading this team for the foreseeable future and beyond?

If you listen to some Redskins fans, it seems like they are getting used to not having RGIII under center. Reggie McCain, a Redskins fan since the age of 6, had this to say about the possibility of Cousins being the man moving forward: “I think Cousins gives the team a more stable quarterback. I did not cheer when RGIII went down but I was not mad at all. I feel RGIII is the Derrick Rose of the NFL.” Notice that Reggie seems ready to move forward without the services of RGIII. And he is not the only Redskins fan that feel this way. Ryan Jones, another longtime Redskins fan, had these sentiments to say about RGIII and Cousins taking his place: “I love the player RGIII is, but I love the team the Redskins are more. One player is not the team so if Kirk Cousins ends up leading our offense better than RGIII, then let him run it. Forget the popularity vote. In the NFL, wins are the only things that count. If Cousins wins consistently, then the conversation about RGIII becomes a moot point in December and January.” Seems like these two Redskins fans are starting to get over the RGIII experience in Washington. And I am sure they are not alone.

With RGIII down, the Redskins can get an extended view as to how good Cousins can be. Between the two of them, he definitely has the better poise in the pocket. His footwork in the pocket is also better than that of RGIII. But the one question that lingers is how he will he do as the lead quarterback? Cousins has always done his best work when coming on in relief of RGIII, but when he has been the starter, he seems to have not been the same. You could say he tries too hard to prove he is the man for the job in DC when he gets his chances, but I think his past transgressions were due to playing in an offense that was not designed for him. With the arrival of the new regime in Washington, I believe Cousins is definitely in a position to succeed and lead this team. And if he does well and wins, there may be an end to the RGIII experience in DC. It was a fun one while it lasted, but the ride is just about over. Cousins is at the helm and with him being the perfect fit for Gruden’s system, Griffin III is all but done in DC. The next questions Griffin will be facing when he returns will be about where he plays.

Griffin gave NFL fans plenty of excitement and highlights, but with every passing injury, the athleticism and ability seemed to decline even more. I wish him well in his career, but the curtains are starting to come down on his opening act. And with all the wear and tear on his legs, there may not be a second act.

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  1. Tammi D

    September 16, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    I totally agree. A few others and I were just discussing this. I think RGIII is about to be a done deal. If Cousins show that be can handle it, RGIII’s job is good as gone. We seen what happen with Kaepernick and Smith. The only difference is Smith was still a great Quarterback and had plenty of places he could go while RGIII will be searching the classifieds looking for a job.

  2. Willie

    September 16, 2014 at 6:08 pm

    I def blame shanahan in part… Their offensive scheme never force rg3 to become a legit nfl qb… He just did what he did in college.. Problem was he was playing with the best players in the world and they eventually caught up to him

  3. Lee Love

    September 18, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    I agree with the everything said in this article RGIII while exciting unfortunately is fragile and the fact is that is his physical makeup. It’s fun to see QB running but when caught that spells problems and in this case the excitement keeps breaking. I like RGIII and wish him well but I don’t think the future will be in Washington.

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