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Melo To Chicago? Five Reasons Why Carmelo Anthony Should Come To Chicago

Carmelo Anthony has struggled shooting (Photo by Marc Rasbury)

The Chicago Bulls have been the team that was one piece away for the last three years in the NBA. They have been one of the grittiest teams in the NBA, but they have seemingly flamed out when the playoffs roll around. This offseason, it seems the Bulls are trying to obtain that one piece they need in the form of All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony. Both would be the perfect match for each other and here are five reasons why!

[tps_header]Five Reasons Why Carmelo Anthony Should Come To Chicago[/tps_header]

[tps_title]1) Bulls need scoring[/tps_title]

The Bulls are great defensively, but they have lacked offensive punch for the last two seasons. Part of that is due to the loss of point guard Derrick Rose the last two seasons. But even if Rose was playing, the Bulls lacked that second scorer that was enough to give the Miami Heat and other teams fits. Carlos Boozer has failed to fill that role consistently since he was brought into Chicago four years ago. Luol Deng could not fill that role because he is only a third scorer on a championship team. And Joakim Noah, we all know that he is more about hustle and grit than scoring on the block. Adding Melo to this team would take a team that struggles to score to new heights offensively and make it even tougher for teams to beat them. With their stifling defense and the added scoring, imagine teams trying to come back on them?

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