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For New York and the Knicks it is Never too Early to be Unsatisfied by Lukas Korynta

It is no secret that New York Knicks owner James Dolan is one of the most demanding owners in the National Basketball Association right now. It is possible to say the same about the Knicks fans as well. But hearing boos from the fans and the Iman Shumpert trade rumors at Madison Square Garden after just three weeks of play? Come on!

Nobody could have reasonably expected the Knicks to repeat their success of 54 wins in regular season from last season, not with the roster moves they’ve made this summer. Neither thr Andrea Bargnani nor Metta World Peace trades solved the defensive issues that hurt the Knicks in playoffs. An injury to Tyson Chandler, arguably the best defender on team, made things even worse.

The problem with the Knicks is that there have always been enormous demands on “now,” instead of the future. The fans are simply not patient. Yes, Madison Square Garden can be the best place to win a basketball game (according to Carmelo Anthony) but it can be a pretty tough place to play your home games as well, which has been the case these first three weeks. Fans are booing their team after six-straight home losses and are demanding head coach Mike Woodson get fired. Since the owner is James Dolan (who does not hesitate to vent his frustration anyone, including the Knicks City Dancers,) we should expect some immediate action.

It’s not just Woodson who is on hot seat. There is Iman Shumpert, who is probably the most lucrative asset at this time. Then there’s Raymond Felton (sorry Raymond, I like you, but you’re just always in the trade rumors for some reason) and of course Amar’e Stoudemire, who still hasn’t seen much action because of a minute restriction.

Given all of the options, firing Woodson seems like the best solution at this moment, but it’s the Knicks fans and the irrational demanding owner that is destructive when it comes to the team’s success. For a different team from a different town it wouldn’t be the “Press the panic button time” yet, but for the Knicks, it is probably never too early to be unsatisfied.

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