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Gary Russell Jr. Aims to Be a Great Father Just Like His Dad


Gary Russell Jr. is a young up-and-coming boxer who has received comparisons to many, including the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard in an impressive 23-0 career thus far.  The unbeaten featherweight contender will battle Ukrainian star Vasyl Lomachenko in a 12-round bout for the vacant WBO World Featherweight Title live on Showtime Championship Boxing Saturday, June 21, 2014.


Gary, who is the father of two young girls, took time away from his busy training schedule to speak about fatherhood. “I was lucky enough to have a very strong father in my life who taught me the importance of fatherhood and the kind of father that I want to be to my kids. To me, fatherhood means providing unconditional love and protection to your children and preparing them for life. Being a father means making the necessary sacrifices to provide for not only myself, but also my children.  My father is the biggest influence in my life and I want to play that some role in my daughters’ worlds.”


Gary also responded to my question about choosing a superpower as a Dad.  “If I could have one super power as a father, it would be the ability to read my children’s minds.”  Reading the minds of your children would certainly be a great way to prevent them from getting hurt.  Make sure you check Gary in the ring on Saturday, July 21, 2014, live on Showtime at 10pm.

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