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The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 5

john patton

Another Thursday in the NFL brought us another blowout as the Packers dominated the Teddy Bridgewater-less Vikings at Lambeau. With Christian Ponder starting for Minnesota, many thought the offense of the Vikings would look bad. Well, it looked even worse than folks thought it would, as they were down 42-0 at one point in the game. None could have predicted that bad of a whooping on national television. Just like that was unexpected, there are probably a ton more unexpected things that will happen in the NFL this weekend. Without further ado, here are the General’s Proclamations for Week 5 of the NFL.


Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts

1)      Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck will throw at least two interceptions in this game. Luck has been playing very well over the last few weeks, but there is a big difference between the Tennessee Titans, whom the Colts faced last week, and the Baltimore Ravens. I look for Terrell Suggs and the crew to crank up the pressure on Luck and force him into some bad decisions.

2)      Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco will have a field day versus the Colts. The Colts are playing without pass-rush specialist Robert Mathis for the rest of the season and with Steve Smith and the boys out there catching passes, this could be a long game for the Colts secondary.

3)      Indianapolis Colts wide receiver TY Hilton will be held to less than 50 yards receiving. I know that Hilton is pretty much Luck’s go-to guy, but in this game he will have extra attention on him. And that does not bode well for his statistics.

Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys

1)      Houston Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will have at least three interceptions. The former Ivy League quarterback has been playing with fire when it comes to some of his passes this season. And in this game I especially think it catches up to him. Bad Ryan will be showing up for the Texans.

2)      Dallas Cowboys running back Demarco Murray will have less than 100 yards this game. Jerry Jones said this week that he would like to lessen the carries Demarco Murray gets and we all know that Jason Garrett pays attention to what his owner says. So, with that being said, I see Murray getting roughly 80 yards in this game. Part of that will be because of the attempts they give him. The other part of that will be the Houston Texans defense stacking the line against him.

3)      Houston Texans defensive lineman will swat down some passes, but he will not have a sack. Watt is a huge force up front, but the Cowboys offensive line has been playing great as of late and the draft picks Jerry Jones has spent there the past few years have panned out well. They will give Romo time to take a look at that secondary of the Texans.

St. Louis Rams at Philadelphia Eagles

1)      Philadelphia Eagles running back LaSean McCoy will get off the snide this game. McCoy has not been the same explosive running back this year with his game-breaking runs and plays. Against this Rams defense, I think he gets his mojo back. At least 100 yards and a touchdown for McCoy in this one.

2)      St. Louis Rams defensive end Robert Quinn has not gotten off to the start he wanted to this season. But this game, he gets it back on track. Look for him to wreak havoc on the Eagles battered offensive line when in passing situations.

3)      St. Louis Rams receiver/punt returner Tavon Austin will make a big play in this game. Whether it be in the passing game or in the return game, the 5’8” speedster can put pressure on teams and you know what they say about pressure: it busts pipes.

Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants

1)      Atlanta Falcons defensive end Osi Umenyiora will have at least two sacks versus his old team. They say you can never come home again. Well, Osi is coming home to cause some problems and wreck a few things. He will make himself right at home as the house guest.

2)      Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones will awaken this weekend versus Prime Amukamara and the Giants secondary. Look for him to go for 100 yards and two touchdowns.

3)      New York Giants running back Rashad Jennings will get it going versus the Falcons defense. The physical runner will run hard, long and fast against Atlanta. I look to see him finish with 150 yards rushing.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars

1)      Pittsburgh Steelers running back LeVeon Bell will run for 150 yards and two touchdowns. The Jaguars are still the Jaguars and LeVeon Bell is one special running back. You put the combination of those two on the football field and that spells trouble for the Jags.

2)      Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles will throw for 250 yards and two touchdowns. The rookie quarterback is getting his chance to lead the team and make some things happen. And with Pittsburgh’s best corner out for this game (Ike Taylor), there could be plenty of plays to be made in the Steelers secondary.

3)      The Jaguars will not run for a total of 100 yards as a team. The Jags really have no one that scares teams when they run the ball. With that being said, Pittsburgh is pretty sound when defending the run. It could be a long day for the running backs of the Jags.

Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions

1)      Buffalo Bills quarterback Kyle Orton will throw at least two interceptions. Much has been said about the switch the Bills made from second-year quarterback EJ Manuel to the veteran Orton. Some think it was a good move while others think it was a terrible move. Those that thought it was a good move will be made to look foolish on Sunday. Orton will definitely be the best friend of the Bills defense.

2)      Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush will be electric versus the Bills. The versatile running back from the University of Southern California will be on full display versus the Bills. Look for him to use the versatility he possesses of lining up in the slot and in the backfield to impose his will in this game. I would look for at least 150 total yards, a touchdown and one big explosive play.

3)      Detroit Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh will have two sacks versus the Bills. The Bills offensive line has not been very good this season and Suh is hungry for a big game. Look for him to showcase his skills as he causes terror.

Chicago Bears at Carolina Panthers

1)      Cam Newton will be the leading rusher for the Carolina Panthers. With pretty much all his running backs out, Cam will have no choice but to shoulder the load for the team in the running game. If Cam was truly healthy this would not be a concern, but he seems to be favoring that surgically-repaired ankle when he plays. That is not a good thing for Carolina.

2)      Jay Cutler will take advantage of the Panthers secondary. The Chicago Bears quarterback needs a good game after last week’s performance and he will have a great opportunity to do so versus Carolina with his big-bodies wide receivers, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey. He could go for 300 yards and three touchdowns.

3)      Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte will not run for 100 yards this game. It seems like when the passing game does well, the running game does not. And if Jay and the boys are throwing the ball around with success, there will be less attempts for Forte. That combined with the inconsistent blocking up front will mean Forte does not come close to 100 yard rushing on the day.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints

1)      The Bucs will score 25+ points versus the Saints. New Orleans lost safety Jarius Byrd this week to a knee injury in practice. But even with him in there, the Saints defense was reeling. Look for Buc quarterback Mike Glennon to attack them down the field and cause some more issues for the Saints along with some fireworks for the Bucs.

2)      Saints quarterback Drew Brees will not be outdone by Mike Glennon. I expect him to put up at least 300 yard passing and three touchdowns. The Bucs secondary isn’t exactly that great either and the Saints have just the weapons to exploit them.

3)      Neither team will have a 100 yard rusher. Both teams have had issues running the football and this game will be no different. Both teams may suffer in pass defense, but they will at least stop the run.

Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans

1)      Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker will have at least two touchdown passes. Everyone in the world seems to be down on Locker and it always seems that around that time, that is when players seem to have a good game. Look for Jake to have near 250 yards passing and 50 yards rushing to go along with his two touchdown passes. And he will throw no interceptions.

2)      Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell will score a touchdown. The former heralded high school recruit has had a tough road to the NFL(mostly his doing), but he is here and he is making an impact. I look for him to get in the endzone this game and continue to build on what has been a good year for him.

3)      The Titans defense will have at least one turnover forced today. They were torched last week in Indianapolis by Andrew Luck, but I expect them to come out and play with better intensity and focus this week. I look for at least a turnover and some gritty play from them today to make up for the performance they had last week.

Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos

1)      Arizona quarterback Drew Stanton will be starting for an injured Carson Palmer today. He has been having some good luck as the starter so far. But that all ends today. Look for him to throw at least two interceptions today versus the Broncos and one of them will be to Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib.

2)      Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders will have at least 100 yards and a touchdown today. The free agent pickup from the Steelers has been electric for the Broncos this season and I suspect he will continue to do so against the Cardinals despite them having a good secondary. Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie better be ready in the Cardinals secondary.

3)      Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald will have at least six receptions in this game. He has been looked away from a lot this season surprisingly, but the Cardinals will need him to be present to be as good as they want to be. I look for Stanton to take some chances and throw to him in this game. After all, he is one of the best wide receivers in the game.

New York Jets at San Diego Chargers

1)      New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith will have three interceptions. I was rooting for Geno to do well, but it seems like with each week it gets worse and worse. It could all come unraveled in San Diego for Geno as he will continue to give early Christmas gifts to opposing defenses. And as he continues to do that, the chants for Michael Vick to replace him will continue to get louder.

2)      San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers will throw for 300 yards and three touchdowns today. The veteran signal-caller from North Carolina State is building upon the year he had last year and that does not bode well for a Jets secondary that is having some issues. Look for Rivers to dissect them today.

3)      The Chargers will score a defensive touchdown today. I said earlier that Geno would give the Chargers a Christmas gift today, well one of them will be an extra special gift. And I suspect the interception returned for a touchdown will be in the first half of the game.

Kansas City Chiefs at San Francisco 49ers

1)      Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith will quickly come back down to earth after his great game last week. The Patriots have a defense that has struggled this year. I think that helped Smith have a good game. In this one, I think he will have his moments, but he will find it much more difficult to make plays against the 49ers. Look for him to throw an interception or two.

2)      Look for the Niners to build on last week’s success with the running game. Frank Gore will have at least twenty attempts running the ball and will get close, if not eclipse, 100 yards rushing versus the Chiefs.

3)      Expect this game to be very low-scoring. Both teams do not do things the conventional way offensively and that could lead to a physical, low-scoring battle.

Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots

1)      New England quarterback Tom Brady will be sacked at least four times this game. Cincinnati defensive end Carlos Dunlap and the boys will be firing on all cylinders and the New England offensive line still has not figured out how to protect Brady. The veteran quarterback could be looking up at the stars a lot as he will get hurried, pressured and hit all night long.

2)      The Patriots will have a 100 yard rusher. I know it seems crazy, but for the Patriots to have any shot to win, they must run the football. Brady will take some sacks this game, but I believe the running game will be integrated so that we don’t see Brady leave this game injured. And when that happens, they will find some success, whether it be with Stevan Ridley or Shane Vereen.

3)      The Patriots defense will have another long night. Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has been on a roll and I expect that to keep going. Look for Dalton to throw for at least 300 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Patriots. And also look for the Bengals to attack the corner opposite Darrelle Revis a lot.

Seattle Seahawks at Washington Redskins

1)      Feed the BEAST!!! I look for Seattle to give Marshawn Lynch the football at least twenty times today. The physical back from the University of California is the most vital part of Seattle’s offense and they must use him as the vocal point to win.

2)      Washington Redskins wide receiver Desean Jackson will have a quiet game. Much can be made of his electrifying speed and playmaking ability, but for the most part, Jackson has been quiet as a Redskin. I expect this game will further add to the silence as he makes a few catches, but nothing of great significance against the Seahawks and the Legion of Boom.

3)      Kurt Cousins has been up and down as the Redskins starting quarterback in place of Robert Griffin III. I expect he will have another inconsistent game against one of the NFL’s best defenses. Look for him to throw an interception or two while having a couple good moments against this defense.


The proclamations have been made. The General has spoken. NFL Week Five is here folks. Enjoy the games!

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