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The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 6

john patton

The NFL week began with an exciting game (for once) on Thursday night football. The Texans were down big to the Indianapolis Colts, but they fought back and made it an eventful game. Unfortunately, the heroics of Texans defensive lineman were not enough as the Colts hung on to win the game. Watt unexpectedly got into the endzone again (and treated us to his version of the Nae Nae dance) while TY Hilton eclipsed 200 yards receiving for the game against the Texans secondary. Totally unpredictable things that happened in Thursday night’s game and yet they happened. With that being said, let’s get started with the General Proclamations for Week 6 in the NFL!

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

1)      Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will only throw one touchdown pass. I understand the resurgence of the offense last week, but do I really expect him to explode this weekend versus Buffalo? No. I think he will do a little bit more handling off than most would expect.

2)      Bills running back CJ Spiller will have a bounceback game. It seems as if the inconsistency at running back has been based off the playing time Spiller has gotten. There was not much of him last week, but I expect a huge helping of him on the field this week. And with more of a role in the offense, Spiller will eventually make a big play.

3)      The New England Patriots defense will give up at least 400 yards of offense. The Patriots defense is quite frankly not showing up every week. I think this is one game where they don’t show up in my opinion. The inconsistency for the Patriots on defense will continue.

Carolina Panthers at Cincinnati Bengals

1)      Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will throw for over 300 yards and two touchdowns. I know this seems like a lot to ask Cam for due to the lack of offensive weapons he has and the stoutness of the Bengals defense, but Cam is special. I believe he will rise to the occasion.

2)      Gio Bernard will rush for 100 yards. With wide receiver AJ Green out due to injury, Bernhard will have increased opportunities to make plays. And with those extra touches, he will give Carolina more to think about.

3)      The Carolina Panthers defense will look like its former self versus the Bengals. The Panthers have been underachieving this season defensively, but with the Bengals missing key members of their offensive squad, the Panthers have the advantage defensively.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns

1)      Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Marcus Wheaton has been doing a good job this year’s offensively. I think this game will be his breakout game. It is only going to be a matter of time for him to take that next step.

2)      Pittsburgh outside linebacker James Harrison will have at least two sacks in this game. He was almost retired before fielding a call from Pittsburgh and deciding to continue his career. This week he comes out and reminds everyone why his name is James Harrison.

3)      Both teams will not score over 24 points. This game will be a physical one. I expect points to be a premium as these two do battle in Cleveland.

Green Bay Packers at Miami Dolphins

1)      Green Bay running back Eddie Lacy will not go for 100 yards rushing. The big back out of Alabama has been struggling to get on track some this season. He will get in on track one day, but Sunday is not one of those days.

2)      Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill will not throw an interception in this game. He responded to criticism from analysts with a good performance in England and I believe he is a man on a mission to take the Dolphins somewhere.

3)      The Dolphins will not have a 100 yard receiver this game. Tannehill will spread the wealth with his bevy of targets, but none of them will get to the 100 yard mark.

Denver Broncos at New York Jets

1)      New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith will not finish the game. It has been documented that Geno has struggled with the mounting pressure to perform or lose his job to Michael Vick. And this week will not be any exception. The pressure will get to Geno again and we will see Vick get some snaps. I hope Vick prepared this time.

2)      Denver tight end Julius Thomas will explode this game. The Jets secondary has been banged up and Thomas is a matchup nightmare. I believe he makes them have nightmares after this game after. I look for Thomas to have 100 yards at least and 2 touchdowns.

3)      Denver cornerback Aqib Talib will get an interception in this game. Talib has been known to have an unorthodox style of playing cornerback and that can be confusing to quarterbacks, especially young ones. He will mess with Geno’s mind this game and Geno will throw one right to him.

Baltimore Ravens at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1)      Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco will throw for two touchdowns and 300 yards. Flacco and the offense have to break out and start playing better. I believe this game will be the start of them turning the corner offensively against a Tampa Bay team that has been struggling defensively this year.

2)      Tampa Bay quarterback Mike Glennon will not have much success this game. I look for him to throw two interceptions, which will not bode well for him trying to keep the starting job.

3)      Ravens defensive lineman Terrell Suggs will get at least two sacks this game. The veteran from Arizona State has been playing well this season but I expect this game to be a show that his pass-rushing skills are still there.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans

1)      Charlie Whitehurst is expected to start at quarterback for the Titans Sunday. I look for him to come out and get at least two touchdown passes. Of course there will probably be an interception or two, but I expect him to get the Titans in the endzone a few times.

2)      Both teams will not have a 100 yard rusher. Both of these teams have not run the football great all year long. I don’t expect either one to pick up the running statistics this game at all.

3)      Blake Bortles will not throw an interception this game. The rookie quarterback from Jacksonville will take another step towards getting better and that means taking care of the football.

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings

1)      The maturation of Teddy Bridgewater will continue. The rookie from Louisville was doing great for the Vikings before getting injured versus the Atlanta Falcons. I expect him to come in this game and pick up where he left off against Atlanta. I think he will put up around 200 yards passing and a couple touchdowns.

2)      Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will get a sack this game. Suh has been pretty quiet this season and has not been playing with that edge that makes him who he is. I expect him to dance along that edge this game and get back to being who he is on the field.

3)      Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions offense will struggle this game. For some reason, it seems Stafford has not had that hot streak he usually has. Maybe it will come down the line, but it will definitely not come in this game against Minnesota. And if Calvin Johnson is out, then the offense will really struggle.

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

1)      Phillip Rivers will make it happen versus the Raiders. The veteran quarterback has been playing at an MVP level for the Chargers and he will definitely be having a good time versus the hapless Raiders defense. I see three or four touchdown passes for him against Oakland.

2)      Oakland will not score a rushing touchdown. The running game has been non-existent in the Black Hole and it’s sad. With McFadden and Jones-Drew running the ball, more should be happening for them than what is happening now.

3)      There will be a low fan turnout for this game. It always seems like these two teams are always right there in low turnout. And this one should not be any exception.

Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals

1)      Arizona’s Patrick Peterson will have an interception in this game. Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has been erratic at best for the Redskins. And when he is erratic, that usually means chances for defenses to make big plays. Peterson has to be licking his chops, hoping Cousins makes that mistake in his vicinity.

2)      Washington’s Alfred Morris will continue to struggle. Morris has had a rough go of it at times as the starting running back for the Redskins this year. And going up against the Cardinals defense will not make him feel any better. Look for him to have no more than 60 yards rushing in this game.

3)      Arizona’s Michael Floyd will have a field day versus the Washington secondary. No doubt the Washington secondary is bad. The good thing for Arizona is they are not getting better anytime soon. Floyd ought to have some fun this weekend.

Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons

1)      Atlanta wide receiver/return man Devin Hester will score a special teams touchdown versus his former team. Hester is questionable coming into this game with an ankle injury but we all know he will be playing. The Bears will probably try to not kick it to him, but it will happen one time in this game. And when it does, Hester will make them pay.

2)      Bears defensive end Jared Allen will show up this game. He and Lamarr Houston have been quiet this season. I expect Allen to emerge and do damage this week against an offensive line that has had trouble protecting Matt Ryan.

3)      Bears running back Matt Forte will rush for 100 yards this game. Forte has been inconsistent with running the football this year. I believe this may be the game he comes through for them on the ground.

Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks

1)      Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch will not rush for 100 yards this game. I think Lynch will get his attempts, but the Dallas defense has been surprisingly solid this year and will hold him under 100 yards.

2)      Demarco Murray will get 25 carries this game. The key to Dallas winning is the running game and I believe the Cowboys finally realize it. Look for the Cowboys to feed the young running back this game to keep their offense on track. And with at least 25 carries, I believe he will get 100 yards rushing.

3)      Seattle’s defensive  line will not have a sack. There will be plenty of pressure around Romo in the pocket, but the Cowboys offensive line has been very good this year. I expect them to be up to the challenge of facing the Seahawks.

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

1)      Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will get on track. Look for him to get at least two touchdown passes this game. He needs it and so does this Philly offense.

2)      Eli Manning will have a good game. The quarterback of the Giants has been riding a hot streak recently and they are going to be facing one of the worst defensive back corps in the NFL. I bet Eli is licking his chops thinking about what he is going to do to the Eagles defensive backfield.

3)      The Eagles will not score on special teams. Over the last few week, the Eagles have been finding ways to score on special teams. Last week they blocked a punt. The week before that, Darren Sproles returned a punt for a touchdown. But this week, there will be no special teams touchdowns. The Giants will be prepared.

San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams

1)      Frank Gore will rush for 100 yards. In his career in the NFL, Frank has had a ton of success running the ball versus the Rams. And in this game, I expect the same to happen. The Rams are one of the worst in the NFL against the run.

2)      Rams quarterback Austin Davis will throw for only one touchdown pass. The young signal-caller has been playing well. But this week, look for him to come back down to earth against one of the NFL’s best defenses.

3)      The 49ers will have a 100 yard wide receiver. It seems like Vernon Davis is going to play on Monday. And when he does, he will open up more things for all the wide receivers the 49ers have. One of them will go for 100 yards in this game Monday night.


The General has spoken. The proclamations have been made. Hope everyone enjoys Week 6 in the NFL!

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