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The General’s NFL Proclamations-Conference Championship Edition

Bill Belichick surveys the landscape(photo courtesy of

The championship round is upon us. The Green Bay Packers survived a scare from the Dallas Cowboys while the Seattle Seahawks suffocated the Carolina Panthers out in the great Northwest. Meanwhile in the AFC, Indianapolis beat Peyton Manning and the Broncos at home and the Patriots made a great push to go past the Ravens into the AFC Championship. Now the Packers meet the Seahawks and the Patriots meet the Colts as the intensity will ramp up another level. It’s win or go home. But who will make the plays to win is the question. And who will rise to the occasion. Here are the General Proclamations for Conference Championship weekend in the NFL.

Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks

  1. Green Bay’s Eddie Lacy will have 100 yards rushing and a touchdown versus the Seahawks. Lacy has been on a tear the last few weeks and the Seahawks can be susceptible to running backs that run right at them at times. I look for Lacy to twist, turn and fight his way to the century mark versus the Seahawks.
  2. Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch will not rush for 100 yards in this game. Lynch has been great over the last stretch of the year, but so has the Green Bay run defense. They had some lapses last game versus the Cowboys, but for the most part they have been playing well. I expect them to cause problems for the Seahawks, especially since Seattle center Max Unger is not healthy.
  3. Seattle wide receiver Jermaine Kearse will have 100 yards receiving. The Seattle receiving corps do everything by committee and this game will be no exception. However, it seems that Kearse has been there to make the big plays in the passing game when it’s needed. I expect him to make one big play in this game that will hurt the Packers.
  4. Aaron Rodgers will have no interceptions in this game. Of course everyone is talking about Rodgers being injured and his tough task against the Legion Of Boom. Well, the Surgeon will be in for surgery come Sunday and he will take his shots towards Richard Sherman. But he will also be paying attention to the favorable matchups that he has when Byron Maxwell, Tharold Simon and Jeremy Lane are on the field. These three, especially Simon, can be had. And I expect Rodgers to have his way with them a few times in this game.
  5. Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson will throw for 300 yards and a touchdown. The diminutive quarterback has been a giant on the field this postseason and I expect him to continue to make plays that drive defenses crazy. He will need to be on his game especially against a team looking for revenge from Week 1.
  6. Green Bay’s combination of Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews will not have a sack. Both will get there and create pressure, but due to the craftiness of Wilson, they will not get home to the quarterback as much as they would normally do.


Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots

  1. Neither Indianapolis nor New England will have a 100 yard rushing back. Both teams are putting in the air a lot these days and I don’t expect that gameplan to change for either. They both may use the short passing game as their running game.
  2. New England wide receiver Danny Amendola will have 80 yards and a touchdown this week. It seems like he and Tom Brady are catching rhythm at the same time. I look for these two to continue to build upon their repoire this game.
  3. Indianapolis wide receiver Donte Moncrief will have 100 yards receiving in this game. The rookie from the University of Mississippi has been doing very well the last few weeks and has earned the trust of his quarterback, Andrew Luck. The chemistry they have will be evident this game.
  4. Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck will have two interceptions in this game. The young man is playing in his first conference championship and there will definitely be nerves for him. But along with the nerves, there will also be that guy on the other sideline named Bill Belichick. And he will be dialed in to make Sunday a long day for Luck.
  5. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will have an excellent game this week. Look for him to throw three touchdowns and have 300 yards passing. The Colts secondary has been good, but I believe that the array of guys Brady can go to along with his skills will eventually wear down the Colts defense.
  6. New England pass rusher Chandler Jones will have at least two sacks this game. He is gaining back some steam since a hip injury sidelined him. I look for him to give the battered offensive line of the Colts problems all night long,


The games arrive Sunday, but General Proclamations have been made. Hopefully everyone enjoys Conference Championship weekend in the NFL.

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