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The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 11

john patton

The NFL week started off with the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills. The two AFC East opponents were pretty evenly matched, or so some thought. The Dolphins, behind quarterback Ryan Tannehill, came out and won the game going away 22-9. The game was pretty close for a while and we expected the two defenses to come out and play well. But what could not have been expected was the troubles Buffalo had in the red zone. It seemed as if they just could not figure out what to do on offense after getting inside the 20 yard line. And it was because of that poor execution the Bills would go on to lose the game and damage their playoff chances in the process. Going forward, Miami has some momentum and is playing well. Not bad for a team that no one expected much from this season. The unexpected has happened with them. And more unexpected things could happen with other teams as well today. With that being said, I present the General’s Proclamations for Week 11 in the NFL.   San Francisco 49ers at New York Giants

  1. In his return from suspension, outside linebacker and pass rush specialist Aldon Smith will have at least two sacks for the 49ers. Plenty has been made of the Giants offensive line and their struggles. Smith could add to those struggles today.
  2. Giants quarterback Eli Manning throws at least two interceptions. There is Good Eli and Bad Eli. I think we get a good mixture of both today. He will have some good moments, but he will have some bad ones as well versus the 49ers.
  3. Jason Pierre-Paul will have at least two sacks. The 49ers offense line has been struggling with pass blocking all season. In fact, Colin Kaepernick is among the most sacked quarterbacks in the NFL. I look for JPP to have at least two sacks in this one today.

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears

  1. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler will throw another two interceptions today versus the Vikings. Not trying to pick on Cutler, but he has not played the best in the last few weeks. Combine that with the team not playing well at home this season and we may have another messy performance on our hands from Jay.
  2. Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon will go for 100 yards rushing. The Vikings are very high on this young man and I believe today he shows why they hold in high regard. What will also help McKinnon achieve 100 yards is the defense that he’s playing against. The Bears have not exactly been the stingiest of defenses.
  3. Minnesota wide receiver/return specialist Cordarrelle Patterson will have a big play in this game. Whether it be on special teams or on offense, this guy will make a big play happen. He is simply too talented not to make something happen.

Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns

  1. Texans quarterback Ryan Mallett, making his first start in the NFL, will throw two interceptions and one touchdown. Everyone has been saying the right things for Mallett this week in regards to how he will perform. But the biggest hindrance to his performance will be the absence of running back Arian Foster due to injury. Without him gone, rookie Alfred Blue becomes the starter. Blue has played well, but not enough to force more people on defense to come down in the box. Expect the Browns to confuse Mallett today.
  2. Cleveland’s Travis Benjamin will have a big day. The wide receiver from Miami has been pretty dependable for quarterback Bryan Hoyer at times and today will be one of those days Hoyer looks his way. Benjamin goes for 100 yards receiving and for good measure, he gets in the endzone one time.
  3. Cleveland’s defense will force four turnovers today. The Texans are traveling to a cold-weather city in November, and that means a football that is slick for both teams. Cleveland is more used to it because they are in the cold weather. Houston is not. And believe it or not, that will make a difference in this game with ball security.

Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs

  1. Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch will not have 100 yards rushing this game. Seattle has been pretty unpredictable on offense this season in terms of their gameplans. One game they come out determined to establish the run with Lynch and the next they come out letting Russell Wilson throw the ball around the field. Their best bet is putting the ball in Lynch’s hands, but I believe this could be a game where the Seahawks try and put the ball in the air more than usual to attack the Chiefs’ defensive backs.
  2. Chiefs pass rusher Justin Houston will have two sacks today. The former University of Georgia standout has been on a tear this season and I expect him to keep rolling this game as well. The advantage he has is most offenses focus so much on the pass rusher opposite of him (Tamba Hali) and that gives him matchups against the weaker of the two tackles more times than not.
  3. Seattle will get at least two sacks on Alex Smith today. The Seahawks are not getting to the quarterback as much as they did a season ago. With that being said, I believe last week they figured out a few things. And despite defensive tackle Brandon Mebane being out for the season with a torn hamstring, I believe the Seahawks find a way to crank up the pressure on Smith.

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

  1. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan will have at least two passing touchdowns. The Falcons have weapons in the passing game. The issue has been getting the time to get the ball to them. I believe in this game, the offensive line of the Falcons gives Ryan time. And with the Panthers secondary not being that great, Ryan may surpass the two touchdowns that I predict he will have.
  2. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will get sacked at least two times today. Cam is definitely playing hurt. Even if he did not say so this week, you can just tell by the way he is moving around when he gets the football. The best bet would be to sit him until he is healthy, but the Panthers appear not to want to sit him. So, look for Newton to be a sitting duck in the pocket today versus Atlanta. The only saving grace for Cam is the Falcons pass rush is not that good. If they were, they would surpass two sacks.
  3. No running back will go for 100 yards in this game. Both teams will attempt to run the football, but let’s be honest here: neither has a running back that scares you a lot. And throughout this game, both running back groups will show you why neither scare you that much.

Denver Broncos at St. Louis Rams

  1. The Rams switched back to veteran quarterback Shaun Hill this week. In this one, they are going to wish they had Austin Davis still at quarterback. Hill will throw at least two interceptions today while trying to avoid the pressure from Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware.
  2. Denver wide receiver Demaryius Thomas will have two touchdowns today along with 100 yards receiving. Peyton Manning has an embarrassment of riches in terms of weapons. And he could truly go to any of them and make it happen. But today, I think Demaryius has his shine.
  3. The Rams will have at least three sacks versus the Broncos. The Rams pass rush has hit their stride and that isn’t good for the Broncos. I believe Peyton may have some happy feet in the pocket due to the pressure that will be coming from all different angles.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins

  1. Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will throw two touchdown passes. RGIII has been much maligned in the media these days. I believe today he has some good things happen for him against a bad Tampa Bay secondary.
  2. Tampa Bay quarterback Josh McCown throws two interceptions today. McCown has been underwhelming as the quarterback of this team and this week will add to the disappointment. Against a Redskins secondary that is not very good, he will still make some unexplainable mistakes.
  3. The Bucs will have only one sack today. That number is not indicative of the pass protection of the Redskins but the lack of pressure from the Bucs defense. By the way, can someone file a missing persons report for Michael Johnson? He was last seen signing a megadeal with the Bucs before the season and now has disappeared.

Cincinnati Bengals at New Orleans Saints

  1. Bengals running back Jeremy Hill will rush for 100 yards today. With Gio Bernard out today, Hill will get the lion’s share of the carries. And he will definitely make the most of them versus the Saints in New Orleans.
  2. Saints quarterback Drew Brees will get back on track this week. Last week, Drew made some mistakes in the passing game and the Saints lost. Look for him to atone for last week today. He will have at least three touchdown passes today versus Cincinnati.
  3. Saints outside linebacker Junior Galette will have two sacks today. The Saints are known for bringing pressure from all different angles. I believe that will cause some confusion for Cincinnati’s offensive line and allow Galette to get to Dalton.

Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers

  1. Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers had a rough go of it last game in Miami. I expect him to rebound this game versus the hapless Raiders. Look for Rivers to have three touchdown passes and no interceptions.
  2. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr will throw two interceptions. The Chargers are rested and ready to make some things happen this game. I expect the Chargers defense to throw some wrinkles at the rookie quarterback that he has not seen all year long.
  3. Chargers tight end Antonio Gates will have a great game today. He will probably be on the receiving end of one touchdown pass from Rivers and will more than likely have 100 yards receiving.

Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals

  1. Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford will throw for 300 yards and two touchdowns today versus the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals have been playing better in their defensive secondary as of late, but I believe with Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate out there at wide receiver, Stafford will make some things happen.
  2. Arizona’s Calais Campbell will not have a sack today. Campbell has been the guy opposing offenses have feared the most. I think this game, the Lions are very aware of where he is and make sure he stays out of the offensive backfield.
  3. Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton, filling in for an injured Carson Palmer, will not have a good day. It’s easy when you fill in for someone knowing they are coming back. But it’s a different scenario when you know you are the guy and the starter is not coming back. I expect Stanton to come back to reality and throw two interceptions in this game along with some other errant throws.

Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers

  1. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will have three touchdown passes at least today. Despite Philly’s success this season, their weakness has been their secondary. And today is the day they find out if that secondary has improved over the season. My guess is they have not improved that much. The Surgeon will be doing surgery on the Eagles secondary today.
  2. Philadelphia running back/return man Darren Sproles will have more yards rushing than his fellow running back LeSean McCoy. Teams are trying to take away McCoy every game and the Packers are going to as well. Because of that, Sproles will have some chances to make some things happen offensively and he more than likely will make some things happen.
  3. Green Bay’s Clay Matthews will have a sack and an interception today versus the Eagles. Since he has moved inside, look for Matthews to get into coverage a little more than he used to in the past. That will allow him to receive a gift from Mark Sanchez in the form of an interception. And of course you can count on Matthews getting in the Eagles backfield and getting a sack.

New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts

  1. Andrew Luck will throw for 300 yards and three touchdowns for the Indianapolis Colts. With the weapons at his disposal, Luck will dissect this defense. Sure, he will probably throw at least one interception, but he will also make either Revis or Browner look silly with good throws.
  2. Tom Brady will throw for only two touchdowns versus the Colts and he too will throw for 300 yards. He will have all day throwing the football versus the Colts and that could be dangerous for Indianapolis.
  3. There will be a combined three sacks in this game. Defensive end Chandler Jones is out for the Patriots, so the pressure they usually bring is not there anymore. As far as the Colts, their pass rush has been invisible all season long. And this game will not be any different than the prior ones. No pressure will be created at all by Indianapolis.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans

  1. Pittsburgh wide receiver Antonio Brown will have at least 100 yards and a touchdown in this game. Brown had a rough one last week versus the Jets. I expect him to come out this week and atone for his woeful performance last week. He will give the Titans defense a headache.
  2. The Tennessee Titans will not have a receiver have more than five catches in this game. That total is not an indication of the lack of talent the Titans have at receiver. The receiving corps for the Titans is actually not bad at all. It’s just the instability at quarterback has caused them to not be showcased like they can be. Rookie Zach Mettenberger is learning on the go as a quarterback and that is not good against a Dick LeBeau-led defense in Pittsburgh.
  3. This will be the last time we see the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football for a few years. To be honest, if the NFL could have got this game off national television, I think they would. The Titans are just that bad.

The General has spoken. The proclamations have been made. Let’s see how they turn out this week. Enjoy the games! For more sports talk, feel free to follow me on Twitter @General_MP or check me out on Facebook at Mike Patton-The General .

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