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The General’s NFL Proclamations- Week 1

john patton

The NFL season got off to an excellent start this past Thursday as the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Green Bay Packers in impressive fashion. Along with the big win, there was some unexpected things that happened. For example, it was highly unexpected that Seattle’s star cornerback, Richard Sherman, would not see a pass thrown his way. With that being said, there are always some unpredictable things that happen in each NFL game. And there are also some that predict the unpredictability. With that being said, I introduce the General’s Bold Proclamations. Each week I will predict some things to happen in each NFL game. Maybe it happens and maybe it doesn’t, but it will sure be fun to see how the Proclamations shake out. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!!!

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons

1)      Julio Jones will have two touchdown catches. Keenan Lewis is the best cornerback for New Orleans and he will more than likely be matched up with Julio all day long. With that being said, he is no match physically for Jones in any shape form or fashion. And with the Falcons having a primary focus on the passing game, Ryan will surely give him plenty of chances.

2)      Atlanta will give up at least four sacks. I mentioned that Ryan will be dropping to pass a lot. He will make some plays in the passing game, but his offensive line is not exactly strong. Starting left tackle Sam Baker is out of the season and Atlanta moved their first-round pick, Jake Matthews, over to the left tackle position. He will be good in time, but that does not bode well for the here and now. And you can be for sure that Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will test him and the rest of the Falcons offensive line each chance they get.

3)      Drew Brees will have four touchdown passes against the Falcons. The Falcons are still a little young in the defensive secondary. They are getting better, but they are susceptible to lapses. And when that happens, expect Brees to take full advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves.


Cincinnati Ravens at Baltimore Ravens

1)      Andy Dalton will have at least two interceptions. The newly-paid Bengals quarterback has had his ups and downs. Some games he looks excellent (usually when he throws it up to AJ Green) and other times he makes inexplicable throws). This will be one of those games he makes you scratch your head, especially with the pedigree of defense that he is facing in the Baltimore Ravens, led by Terrell Suggs.

2)      Baltimore Ravens tight end Owen Daniels will have a huge impact against the Bengals. The Bengals secondary has had their issues with Daniels over the years. He has definitely made them cringe when seeing him as a member of the Houston Texans. Now he is the second tight end with Baltimore, but that does not mean he cannot have an impact. With his former head coach as the offensive coordinator in Baltimore (Gary Kubiak), I am sure he will find a way to get Daniels going despite a poor preseason from him.

3)      Steve Smith will have minimal impact for the Ravens. I know it was much talked about with him heading to the Ravens. But with him getting another year older and the other weapons on this offensive squad, there may not be a focus on him as much as there was in Carolina. Look for him to get some route running practice in his regular season debut for Baltimore.

Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears

1)      Sammy Watkins will not play the entire game Sunday. The oft-injured rookie has not made it through one preseason game. He is coming into this game with injured ribs and after one good shot to the midsection, he will probably exit the game. I expect big things this season at some point from him, but this will not be the game.

2)      The Bears defense will not give up a passing touchdown. The safety position is a question mark for the Bears, but the pressure up front created by new Chicago Bears Jared Allen, Lamarr Houston and Willie Young will cover up that question mark pretty easily. And seeing those three is not a good sign for the Buffalo Bills offensive line.

3)      Jay Cutler will throw for at least three touchdowns with no interceptions and 300 yards. With the weapons that he has, 300 yards passing along with at least two touchdowns should be the norm. But this week against this defense, he should tack on one more touchdown and I believe he will take care of the football and have no interceptions.


Washington Redskins at Houston Texans

1)      Jadeveon Clowney will make a grand entrance with three sacks. The hype surrounding Clowney has been unreal. But now comes the moment we are all waiting for: his first regular season game. With the attention JJ Watt will receiver, look for Clowney to be the recipient of less attention. And with that, RGIII may be running for his life from this incredible specimen of a pass-rusher.

2)      Arian Foster will reach 100 yard rushing. Last season was a forgettable one for Foster. But I expect him to come out this week strong and with that, he will arrive back in the 100 yard club, where he used to reside regularly.

3)      Washington’s DeSean Jackson will have a long touchdown this game. With his speed, the Redskins will find a way to get him in a favorable matchup on the field (preferably away from cornerback Jonathan Joseph). And when that happens, expect RGIII to find him and put points on the board.


Tennessee Titans at Kansas City Chiefs

1)      The Chiefs will not have a receiver have a touchdown catch. Kansas City heads into this game with their top wide receiver, Dwayne Bowe, out via a one-game suspension. Without him out there, the Chiefs wide receiver corps has no one recognizable out there. And with that being said, I do not believe they have anyone that can make a big play to get to the endzone.

2)      Titans wide receiver Justin Hunter will have 100 yards receiving on Sunday. The Chiefs released cornerback Brandon Flowers this offseason. He was by far their best corner and without him, there do not have a corner that strikes a ton of fear in anyone. Hunter is a tall, slender receiver that has explosive speed and leaping ability. I expect him and quarterback Jake Locker to exploit the Chiefs cornerbacks regularly.

3)      Jamaal Charles will have 215 all-purpose yards. Charles is their best weapon by far. And I expect the Chiefs will get the ball to him as many times as possible. Whether it be screens, option patterns out of the backfield or running the football, expect him to get 25+ touches. And with how bad the Titans defense has been over the past few years, I think he will definitely have a fun time against them.

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins

1)      Tom Brady will not throw more than one touchdown pass. I think Brady and Peyton Manning are tops in the NFL at the quarterback position, but this game screams to me to be a game where the running game finishes off things that Brady starts. He will have his numbers, but just not the touchdown numbers.

2)      Ryan Tannehill will throw at least two interceptions. With Derrelle Revis out there, expect the Dolphins to not test him too much. And when things are funneled away from him, expect the rest of the defense to have an easier time. Plus it does not hurt that Bill Belichick is the mastermind of the New England Patriots defense essentially.

3)      Patriots running back Stevan Ridley will rush for over 100 yards. The former LSU running back has always been steady running the football, but he has had issues with fumbling over his entire career. This game I think he solves those while taking it to the Dolphins on the ground.


Oakland Raiders at New York Jets

1)      Chris Johnson will have 100 yards rushing. The former Tennessee Titan running back seems to be a man on a mission ever since he was released this offseason. I expect him to flashback to what he once was with the Titans and create havoc for the Raiders.

2)      Rookie quarterback Derek Carr will throw two interceptions. Carr won the quarterback job this preseason and was impressive against the Seattle Seahawks. He may end up being the future of the Raiders, but in the present he will be in for a long day against one of the best defenses in the NFL.

3)      The Jets will score a defensive touchdown. Carr is going to make that one big mistake that costs the Raiders bigtime. And when that happens, the Jets will be taking that mistake back the other way for a touchdown.


Jacksonville Jaguars at Philadelphia Eagles

1)      Philly’s defense will give up two passing touchdowns. The defense in Philly last season was downright defensive at times. They brought back a lot of the same crew from last year and they may be practicing insanity expecting a different result with the same pieces. I think Henne will take advantage of them at least a couple times through the air.

2)      Chris Clemmons will have at least two sacks versus the Eagles. Gus Bradley is changing the mentality in Jacksonville and he brought in one of his former Seahawks defenders to help him change the mentality. Look for Clemmons to take advantage of the Eagles up front. They can be had.

3)      Jeremy Maclin will actually play the full game and get 100 yards receiving. Maclin has been known for exiting games with injuries more than his actually play unfortunately. He is coming back from a torn ACL last year and I think playing a full game will do wonders for his confidence in his knee. And as his confidence grows during the game, look for him to have a 100 yard performance in his first regular season game back on the field.


Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

1)      Ike Taylor will have at least two pass interference penalties. With the new pass interference rules in effect, no corner is affected as much as Ike Taylor. The physical corner will need to learn to defend more with his feet than his hands. But that will not happen overnight. And with that being said, look for the laundry to be near him this game.

2)      Marcus Wheaton will have a pretty big day. With Lance Moore injured and the Steelers needing another weapon to step up, I think Wheaton will have a chance to step up. And with Hayden tied up with Antonio Brown, look for Wheaton to be the guy Big Ben looks to for big plays. Maybe a breakout 100 yard performance for the youngster.

3)      Cleveland’s Ben Tate will not even go over 50 yards rushing. The big acquisition from Houston was brought in to solve the running game in Cleveland. But he is definitely going to have issues with the Steelers front. And with the issues they can cause, expect the Browns offensive line to have some issues trying to get him going.


Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams

1)      Adrian Peterson will not reach 100 yards. The Vikings offense runs through him, which means the Rams will more than likely stack the line of scrimmage against him and force starting quarterback Matt Cassel to beat them. It will be tough sledding for Adrian on Sunday.

2)      Rams quarterback Shaun Hill will not throw an interception. When Sam Bradford went down with another season-ending injury, many thought it would get ugly for the Rams. But in Shaun Hill, the Rams have a veteran backup that will protect the football. And with that, I don’t think he will even allow himself to throw a football into a potentially tight spot.

3)      Rams will have under two sacks for the game. We all know the Rams defensive line is one of the best going in the NFL when it comes to putting pressure on quarterbacks. But in this game, the Vikings will protect Cassel well enough for him to peruse the field. And with Cassel, he is savvy enough in the pocket to avoid pressure from oncoming defenders.


San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys

1)      49ers QB Colin Kaepernick will throw for three touchdown passes at least. Plenty people have question Kaepernick’s competence in the passing game. In this one, facing the Dallas secondary, I believe he will go at them and light them up with all the weapons at his disposal.

2)      The Dallas Cowboys will allow more than two sacks. With the loss of Aldon Smith for nine games, the Niners lose some explosiveness in their pass rush. But even with that, the backups are not as bad as many think they may be. The combination of Skuta, Lemonier will be very effective and so will the unheralded starter at the other outside linebacker position for the 49ers, Ahmad Brooks.

3)      Tony Romo will not throw an interception. I know I am reaching with this one, but I expect him to come out and play well and maybe be a little smarter with the football. But of course, his offensive coordinator has to help with attempting to run the football.

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1)      Deangelo Williams will show up for the Panthers. With him getting paid like a top back, I think he finally performs like one in this game. Look for him to eclipse the 100 yard mark this game versus the Bucs.

2)      Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David will have an interception, touchdown and a sack. David just makes plays and this game will not be any different. Cam Newton cut down on his mistakes last year, but expect him to press more in this one. And when he does, look for David to be there and make him pay.

3)      Luke McCown and Vince Jackson will connect twice for touchdowns. The Panthers secondary is not the same as last year. They have a few vets back there, but their corners are not very solid. I look for McCown to expose that and what better man to look for in the passing game than Vincent Jackson?

Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos

1)      Monte Ball will rush for 100 yards. The respect teams have for Peyton will open up holes for any running back he plays with. Ball just so happens to be the right man in the right place. And let us not forget that Ball was a very good running back in college as well.

2)      TY Hilton will have a quiet game. With his explosive season last year, he now has a target on his back. Opposing defenses will look to take him out of the game. It will open up things for other receivers like newly-acquired Hakeem Nicks, but not for him as he tries to make plays.

3)      The Indianapolis Colts will have at least four pass interference calls. The Colts are a physical bunch in their secondary. But with that being said, they can be overly aggressive. I think that hurts them this game with the new NFL pass interference rules.


New York Giants at Detroit Lions

1)      New Lion Golden Tate will have a big game. Tate will be getting the second-best corner from the Giants pretty much all game (all thanks to having Calvin “Megatron” Johnson on the other side of the field at wide receiver). With how much they struggled defending the pass last season and some into the preseason, Tate should be licking his chops.

2)      Giants running back Rashad Jennings will have over 100 yards rushing and one touchdown. The new Giants running back will be facing a team that can be susceptible to the running game. And with his tough running style, he could give them fits.

3)      Ndamukong Suh will not get a personal foul penalty. Suh has been laying some hits in the preseason that have raised some eyebrows, but I think he will be on his best behavior since he knows he is being watched.


San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals

1)      Larry Fitzgerald will have 100 yards receiving. I know this may not be something that surprises many people, but there is a method to this statement that makes it a bold proclamation. Carson Palmer is his quarterback and he does not have anyone else on the other side of the field to take some attention away from him. It will be tough, but he will make it happen.

2)      Danny Woodhead will have a rushing and receiving touchdown. The fireplug running back has been great in San Diego and they use him in so many different ways. And his versatility will help him get in the endzone rushing and receiving.

3)      Chargers outside linebacker Melvin Ingram will have at least two sacks. The former South Carolina product has been fighting through injuries, but I believe this game will be his announcement back to the NFL. And the Cardinals will not be welcoming him with open arms.



The General has spoken. The proclamations have been made. Now let’s see what happens in the first weekend of NFL football!

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  1. Brent Loope

    September 7, 2014 at 2:36 pm

    I like the idea of Brady being limited in TDs that is definitely a bold prediction.

  2. khalif

    September 7, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    I’ve got a strong feeling Matt Ryan would have a horrible game today and we will all blame it on the offensive line….again. Keep in mind our left tackle went down about a week ago.
    Woo..3 sacks for clowney? That would be one hell of a grand entrance. I doubt that though, he might have maybe 1. That offensive will spend ample time double teaming him….with a TE on the outside and make him go back inside to deal with the guard and tackle.
    I hope D-Jack has a long TD. He’s on my fantasy team lol

    Great write up man. I like your bold predictions.

  3. Willie b

    September 7, 2014 at 3:45 pm

    Good predictions.. Great thing about football we have no idea whats gonna happen… Hence the any given sunday belief…. Gotta prove it on the field

  4. Tammi D

    September 7, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Some pretty good predictions for this week. I look forward to reading your article and as they say “Let the games begin”.

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