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The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 4

john patton

The New York Giants stood tall over the Washington Redskins in the first game of Week Four. Giants’ tight end Larry Donnell had an unexpectedly great game with three touchdown catches versus the Redskins. For the Redskins, Kurt Cousins was not the great QB some made him out to be after a few weeks. He was incredibly bad as he continued to give the football to Giants on a silver platter. Both guys had performances that no one expected. And there will definitely be plenty more in store for Week Four. Without further delay, here are the General’s Proclamations.


Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears

1)      Chicago Bears defensive back Kyle Fuller will get yet another interception this week. The rookie from Virginia Tech has been excellent each and every week and is definitely the leader in the clubhouse for Defensive Rookie of the Year so far. I think he strengthens his case even more this week by getting his hands on one of Aaron Rodgers’ passes and making a play.

2)      Packers’ running back Eddie Lacy will get 100 yards rushing. The Bears have been better defensively, but I believe the running game can still be something that can bother them. I believe Lacy comes in with extreme focus considering the situation the Packers are in (1-2 so far this season). And when this big man is very determined and focused, there are few that can stop him.

3)      Green Bay wide receiver Randall Cobb will break out for the Packers. It seems as if Cobb has not been as prevalent with the offense in terms of making plays. The Packers know what kind of playmaker he is and with that being said, I believe they create some situations to get him the ball more. With those extra touches, Cobb will definitely make some things happen while giving the Bears defense a headache.


Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts

1)     Backup QB Charlie Whitehurst, starting for Jakes Locker (wrist) today, will have at least two touchdown passes and no interceptions. This statement is not indicative of how the Colts secondary has played, but more of a statement in regards to the lack of a pass rush from the Colts. Whoever is at QB should have plenty of time.

2)      Colts running back Trent Richardson will have 100 yards rushing. I know he does not have great vision and he has not been that elusive, but I believe sooner or later he have a big game. Not saying that this will be a regular occurrence, but this could be the game he gives the Colts a running game they so sorely need.

3)      Titans defensive lineman Jurrell Casey will have a least two sacks. Casey is by far the best pass-rusher Tennessee has. The Colts are aware of him, but that does not mean they have the people to stop him. He could cause the Colts offensive line a ton of issues.


Detroit Lions at New York Jets

1)      Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford will have a good game. Look for Stafford to complete roughly 60% of his passes and will throw for two touchdowns. With the injuries for some Jets cornerbacks, Stafford having a good game is even more attainable.

2)      Jets running back Chris Ivory will run for 100 yards. Ivory may be listed as the backup running back, but he has been the key running back for the Jets this season. And against the Detroit Lions, I can imagine him cutting through them like a hot knife through butter.

3)      Jets quarterback Geno Smith will not throw an interception. Geno was pretty inefficient and unpredictable last week. But after that game, I expect Geno to come out swinging and looking to prove a point. Of course, it does not hurt that the calls for the Jets to bench him in favor of Michael Vick keep getting louder.


Miami Dolphins at Oakland Raiders

1)      Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehilll will start and play well. A lot of rumblings have been coming out of South Beach that the Dolphins were thinking of replacing Tannehill as the starter. Of course, Tannehill was listening to this and I believe he has a response. Look for Tannehill to have two touchdowns and no interceptions along with 250 yards passing.

2)      Oakland will not score more than 14 points. The Raiders are struggling as a franchise. And even though they hung with the Patriots last week, the fact remains they did not crack double-digits. Oakland is trying to find itself. And this is not the game they will begin to find their stride.

3)      The Dolphins defense will force three turnovers. The Raiders are the Raiders for a reason. It’s just a matter of time before they make those crucial mistakes that cost you as a coach.


Carolina Panthers at Baltimore Ravens

1)      Steve Smith Mic’d up will be excellence. Many a time we have seen players get a microphone put on them to hear the action during the game. Steve Smith playing against his former team that traded him away will add a cinematic angle to this one. With all that said, I am excited to hear his angle on this one.

2)      Texans tight end Owen Daniel will get two touchdowns with the Philadelphia Eagles. With Dennis Pitta going down with a hip injury, the show is all on the shoulders or Daniel. And if his past numbers re indication, he will flourish for the Ravens. I think he starts this week.

3)      Carolina will rush for more yards than they pass for. The Panthers are a run-oriented offensive team. I expect them to pass and mix things in as well, but I also expect running the football to be the best thing going for Carolina.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers

1)      Big Ben Roethlisburger will have a field day against the Bucs defense. Tampa showed last week that they will give up yards and points. It’s only a matter of time before the Bucs find those weaknesses Atlanta found at a thrift Safels

2)      Antonio Brown will be dancing again this week. And we all know when he dances, that means he has just scored.

3)      Tampa Bay gets an extended look at quarterback Mike Glennon. McCown is out with an injury, so look for Glennon to get his time to shine. But with that comes the responsibility. Now the Bucs do not have to rush to make a decision instead of wasting time.


Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans

1)      Bills running back CJ Spiller will rumble for 100 yards. The Texans gave up a big running game to Rashad Jennings last week in New York. And with Spiller being lighter and faster than Jennings, I believe he will put extreme pressure on defenses.

2)      Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will have two interceptions. Fitz has thrown some good passes this season, but he has also thrown some questionable ones as well. I believe Fitzpatrick’s luck is beginning to run out and he will soon become a quarterback no one talks about in regards to success.

3)      Texans defensive lineman JJ Watt will have a couple sacks. With his dominance game-in and game-out, it will be hard to stop number 99 when he gets his momentum going. And that can be a really dangerous thing.


Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers

1)      Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles will be solid in his starting debut. The youngster has a nice arm, plays hard and can lead this team. I expect him to have over 250 yards passing along with a touchdown or two.

2)      Antonio Gates will not reach the endzone this weekend. Gates had a good run versus Seattle a couple of weeks ago. But this week he will be quiet. I do not expect any great statistics from Gates this week.

3)      Chargers QB Phillip Rivers will throw two interceptions versus the Jags. I know it seems unbelievable to some, but the Jags can bring pressure. And with the pressure, Rivers may make a mistake. I think he does not make one but two of them the Jags capitalize on.


Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings

1)      Vikings wide reciver Greg Jennings will have two touchdowns this weekend. With Adrian Peterson gone and Teddy Bridgewater in at quarterback, expect the veteran receiver to be the quarterback’s best friend and his best outlet when pressure comes.

2)      Matt Ryan will throw for 300 yards. He had one heck of a week against the Buccaneers last Thursday. He will not reach the big numbers he had against Tampa Bay, but he will still light this Vikings defense up.

3)      The Vikings offensive line will only give up one sack. With Teddy at the helm, look for Vikings offensive coordinator to get the ball out of Bridgewater’s hands as quick as possible. That will help cover for the offensive lineman and also help keep Bridgewater upright.

Philadelphia Eagles at San Francisco 49ers

1)      LaSean McCoy will go for 100 yards rushing. He has been bottled up so far this season, but we all know that will not last long. It would not surprise me at all to see him come to life offensively in San Francisco.

2)      Michael Crabtree will have a 100 yard receiving game. The Eagles have been susceptible to getting toasted. And if Vernon Davis plays, that will allow the wide receivers to have more space because either the safety or linebacker will be preoccupied by Vernon.

3)      Andy Lee will crank out a 60 yard punt. He is one of the best weapons no one talks about and he consistently flips field position. I believe the Niners will need a good punt from him and like always, he will deliver.


New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

1)      Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will make mistakes taking the firing from Dallas personal. It was only two years ago that Ryan was fired from Dallas as defensive coordinator. And now is his chance to show what he can do to Dallas defensively. And in trying to show up the Cowboys, Ryan will make a crucial mistake in the game.

2)      Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will not throw an interception. Romo seems to make a mistake from time to time in every game. But I believe with the newer focus on the running game in Dallas, things will be a little bit easier for the veteran signal-caller.

3)      Both teams will have at least 30+ points. Both of these teams have offenses that can explode at anytime. I believe they will make us believers of that.


New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs

1)      Tom Brady will throw for 4 touchdowns. There have been questions in regards to Brady being old, past his time, etcetera. I believe these comments are setting the stage for Tom Terrific to light up Kansas City on national television.

2)      Jamal Charles will get less than 100 total yards. This just seems to not be his year so far and I think the Chiefs don’t have enough weapons to help deflect some of the attention off him.

3)      Patriots’ wide receiver Julian Edelman will have at least 6 catches for 80 yards. Edelman is Brady’s go-to guy these days and that should not change this. What will change is the speed as to which the offense will run.


The proclamations have been made. Some were more outlandish than others, but that’s why they play the games right? Enjoy the games everyone!

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  1. Rob T

    September 28, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Dead on about Oak vs Miami(turnovers) As far as San Fran, something is missing there but I think this week they will put it together and beat the Eagles, Kaepernick will have a good game

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