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Goodbye Brooklyn for Coach Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd Has Left Brooklyn for Milwaukee (Photo Courtesy of

Jason Kidd Has Left Brooklyn for Milwaukee (Photo Courtesy of

Brooklyn Nets Principal Owner Mikhail Prokhorov and General Manager Billy King took a chance on Jason Kidd when they hired him as head coach of the franchise only nine days after he retired as a player. The organization took a chance on Kidd when he got off to a woeful 10-21 start and didn’t fire him, despite firing Avery Johnson a year earlier with a .500 record and inferior talent.  Kidd hasn’t returned the loyalty, as he went to management with demands to be head of basketball operations, a request that was denied.  The Milwaukee Bucks were then given permission to interview Kidd, who has ties to a member of the new ownership group, and the Nets and Buck reached an agreement that frees Kidd of the three years left on his contract with the team and he is expected to sign as coach of the Bucks.

Kidd may not be loyal but he is smart. In a city where Phil Jackson, who has won 11 NBA championships as a head coach and two more as a player, is entering his first year as head of basketball operations for the New York Knicks, a move that was criticized by some, Kidd had to know that he, a coach that has won only one series in a one-year coaching career, wouldn’t be hired for that position.  This had to anger the Nets, which then allowed Kidd to escape his contract.

Loyalty and Jason Kidd haven’t gone together for a while in the NBA.  He has long been tied to the firing of Byron Scott with the then New Jersey Nets after winning two-straight Eastern Conference Championships.  Ironically, it was Lawrence Frank who took over for Scott, who after becoming the highest-paid assistant coach in the NBA on the Nets per a request from Kidd, was then sent home when he had a dispute with Kidd less than two months into the season.

A point that has been overlooked by many is that the Bucks actually still have a coach.  Larry Drew has not been fired, but, you would think, the handwriting is on the wall.  In a profession with only 30 positions, you would think that among the coaching fraternity you would not go after a job so publicly that has an occupant.  But Jason Kidd didn’t seem to mind.

Kidd has shown he is not loyal before in the world of basketball, and I haven’t even touched on his personal life.  The tables could easily turn, as the Bucks have a lot of young talent, and friendship or not, if the team does not go in a positive direction immediately, Coach Kidd will be saying goodbye to Milwaukee the same way he did to Brooklyn, but this time, he may not be of his own wishes.

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