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Goodell’s Ray Rice Decision Was About Business, Not Morals

The Commissioner of the NFL is back in America's crosshairs again( picture courtesy of

As many of you all know, Ravens running back Ray Rice had his suspension upgraded by the NFL. As a result of the most recent video made public by TMZ that showed him hitting his now-wife Janay Rice with a left hook, Rice has not only been suspended indefinitely by the NFL but his contract was terminated by the Baltimore Ravens organization. Many applauded the organization for cutting ties with the veteran running back, while others felt like Goodell was trying to atone for what he messed up from the beginning (the original suspension was two games for Rice). Then, after the newest video was released, many began to wonder if the NFL actually knew about it. TMZ began to report that the NFL knew about the tape and would release the information confirming that, while there were conflicting reports as to whether or not the video had been seen by Goodell and his associates. Goodell said that he did not see the video until Monday and that he was “sickened” by what he saw. He may have told us that he did not see the video until then, but many believe that Goodell is lying through his teeth. I personally believe that he saw the video and knew what the whole scenario was. But all those who are calling for Goodell to get fired are shouting from the mountaintops for naught. He will not get fired. He will not even see a fine.

Goodell definitely dropped the ball on this one and there is no doubt that morally he seems corrupt to a lot of people. But what everyone fails to think about is who his bosses are. Goodell may be the commissioner of the NFL, but the owners are the ones who run the NFL, set the salary caps, pay the players and help come up with the rules that are set in the game. And in the end, they are the ones that pay Roger Goodell’s salary. Goodell said that he wants to “protect the shield” and make the image of the league better, but that is not true. The truth is he is merely a figurehead for the owners and his main objective is not to be a disciplinarian, a dictator or the “new sheriff in town,” like some think he portrays himself. His objective is to make the owners the richest they can be, and at this point he is succeeding.

One thing we continue to get confused about in sports is morals and business. Often we project what we perceive to be the right thing to do upon the owners, coaches, commissioners and players of the league. And more often than naught, we are disappointed. The thing we must all realize is that morals and business are two separate things. In Goodell’s case, his job does not contain morals at all. His job is to make the owners happy. And honestly, most of these owners do not care about winning or what the players on their team are doing. They care about money first and foremost. And Goodell, for all he said about the Rice video, was acting on behalf of the owners protecting their money by indefinitely suspending Ray Rice Monday. If this tape were never shown, I do not believe Goodell would have said anything more about the two-game suspension he gave out that was inaccurate. But because I believe he knew about the video and what it could do, he took preemptive measures by setting a domestic violence policy, trying to show people a false sense of a group of owners who care.

When it’s all said and done, the moves that were made were all in regards to money. And even though the NFL finally may have got the appropriate punishment for Rice, it was not for a reason that was morally charged. It was more for the love of money and Goodell wanting to keep the owners’ money from being financially harmed by the actions of Rice. Ray deserved the punishment, there is no doubt about that. But this was a business decision by Goodell, not a moral one. Businesses and morals are not two things that mix a lot and this decision is just another example of it. And because Goodell made the correct business decision for his owners, he will not be fired or let go anytime soon.

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  1. Lee Love

    September 11, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    yes sir you are correct it’s all about the money that’s the bottom line

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