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Goran Dragic is not a max player


Amid reports that point guard Goran Dragic wants to be traded because he does not want to re-sign with the Phoenix Suns, it is being said that he has a wish list of places where he wants to play, including the two biggest markets in the United States of America, New York and Los Angeles.  In sports, especially with big market teams, organizations throw huge contracts at players like they are using Monopoly money, and for some of the billionaire owners, it probably feels like they are playing a fantasy league version of the famous board game.  With that being said, the last thing the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, or any other team needs to do is give up significant assets to trade for Dragic and sign him to a max deal, because he is not a max player.

The 28-year old Yugoslavian is having a good season, coming off the 2013-2014 season in which he was a borderline All-Star, with averages of 20.3 points and 5.9 assists, while shooting over 50% from the field and 40% from behind the three-point arc.  Although Dragic is having a good season again, his scoring is down over 4 points, to 16.2 a game, and assists down almost 2, to 4.1.  Most importantly, the Suns are in the eighth playoff spot, but with Russell Westbrook and defending NBA MVP Kevin Durant both healthy, look for the Oklahoma City Thunder to surpass Phoenix, who is only a half-game ahead of OKC coming out of the All-Star break.  This may lead to the Suns finishing in the ninth spot just outside of the playoffs for the second-straight year.

You could have made a better case that Goran Dragic was a max player a year ago, when he had his breakout season, putting up the best numbers of his career, but any team that signs him to a max deal is setting their franchise back. For the love of all things sane, if you are the Knicks, Lakers or any other team, you can’t offer a 12-point career scorer who is 28-years old anything close to a maximum deal.

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