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The General’s NFL Proclamations-Super Bowl Edition


It all comes down to one game. One shot to make history. The Seattle Seahawks are trying to repeat as champions while the Patriots are trying to become the champions once again. The desert of Arizona is ill be the scene to the biggest game of the season. But only one can come out on top. Only one team can hoist the trophy above their heads and claim to be champions of this season. This game can go any which way, but in the end, the team that makes the most things happen will win. And the team with the most unknowns that show up unexpectedly will tilt the scales in that team’s favor. With that being said, here is the Super Bowl edition of the General’s Proclamations.

New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

  1. All of the footballs will be up to regulations. After what all was talked about in the AFC Championship game, there will be no such things like that in this game. The NFL will probably have as tight an eye as ever on how all footballs will be cared for from both teams. And there will be no shenanigans this time around.
  2. The Patriots will come out the game strong. New England has to come out strong this game. With so much on the line, the Patriots will be focused right out of the gate. What will be the most interesting part of the focus is what the Patriots do to attack the Seahawks first.
  3. Patriots’ running back LaGarrette Blount will wear on the Seattle Seahawks. If the Patriots learned anything from watching any tape on the Seahawks, they know that it’s possible to run on the Seahawks. If the Patriots are smart, they will run more between the tackles than trying to outrun them. The more you can run at a team with speed, the more effective your offense can be. And with Blount and his size and speed, he could really wear on the Seahawks as the game goes on. Look for Blount to run for 100 yards and at least one touchdown.
  4. Seattle wide receiver Doug Baldwin will go for 100 yards receiving. Baldwin, along with receiver Jermaine Kearse, have been the clutch players among the Seattle receiving corps. But in this game, look for their best receiver to shine. He, along with the rest of Seattle’s receivers, feel like they have been disrespected all season and this game will be the time Baldwin steps up as the undisputed leader of this receiving corps. Even though he will be defended by Patriots defensive back Darrelle Revis, I think he will make it happen and take on the challenge.
  5. Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch will have one big run that will change the game. He may or may not have a big game, but there will be one play that completely flips the momentum of the game. And when that play happens, it will be interesting to see how the Patriots respond to the big run that happens.
  6. Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman will be beaten in this game at least once. His injury status may be something to watch and that will no doubt affect the way he plays in some circumstances. Brady will get at least one play on him and it will be a big one.
  7. Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski will not have a big impact on the game. Gronk is a big weapon in the Patriots offensive scheme and the Patriots are the not the only ones that know this. Look for Cam Chancellor and Earl Thomas to be dialed in to Gronk and try to shut him out. Gronk may not have over three catches in this game.
  8. Seattle will win this game versus the Patriots and become back-to-back champions. I believe the Seahawks have something special going on and the Patriots may not be able to break that magic spell this game. Tom Brady’s record in Super Bowls will take another hit as Russell Wilson makes one more step towards becoming the best quarterback in the NFL.


The big game is here and the proclamations have been made. It should be fun watching what does and does not happen in this one. And this will no doubt be bittersweet moment. It will be an exciting game, but it will mark the end of the football season and the beginning of the offseason.

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  1. ASR

    January 30, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    I was going to reserve comment until after the game but I do concur on who will win the game.

  2. Rob Thomas Brown

    January 31, 2015 at 6:50 pm

    I think the Patriots will win, I think Belichick saw some flaws in Wilson’s game last week and he will expose it. Heavy doses Gronkowski and Blount will wear them down

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