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The General’s NFL Proclamations-Wild Card Edition

Will we see Cam celebrating like this come Saturday? (photo via

The regular season has concluded and the postseason is now about to begin. It’s win or go home as there is no tomorrow after a loss. You will definitely see the best these teams have to offer in these situations. And you will also see some things from some players you did not expect to see. With that being said, here is the General Proclamations for Wild Card Weekend in the NFL! Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers

  1. Arizona will not score a touchdown in this game. The Cardinals offense has been sputtering the second half of the season. I expect that to continue as they are trotting out a 3rd string quarterback that has had trouble completing passes. And to add more stress to the Cardinals offense, they are going against a Panthers defense that is clicking at the right time.
  2. Carolina quarterback Cam Newton will account for three touchdowns in this game. He will score one running and he will also score two through the air. The Cardinals defense is tough, but when they have been on the field all game long, they will eventually bend. And when they bend, Cam will be there to make them pay.
  3. This game will have a wide margin of victory. The Panthers are clicking at the right time while Arizona is stumbling. I anticipate the margin of victory will be at least 17 points as the Panthers get it done at home.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will not have a huge game versus the Ravens. The Steelers running game will not be the same without Le’Veon Bell and because of that, there will be some pressure around Big Ben all game long that will affect him. I see him throwing at least two interceptions in this game.
  2. Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco will continue his playoff mastery. I expect him to have at least three touchdown passes and 250 yards throwing. The Pittsburgh secondary can be had if given time to make it happen. I believe the Ravens offensive line will be able to provide time for Flacco.
  3. Baltimore running back Justin Forsett will not reach 100 yards in this game. The Ravens may or may not be successful, but it will not reflect in the running game on Saturday night. Forsett will have the attempts, but the Pittsburgh defense will be tough to crack.

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts

  1. Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck will throw for 300 yards and two touchdowns. Luck will also throw an interception in this game. Luck seems to make the plays when they matter most. Of course he will have some times where he will not make the play and the defense will come up with a turnover. But he will make more plays than more turnovers.
  2. Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton has not been that great when it comes to the playoffs. It seems like each year he has his worst performances when it counts. Well, this season will repeat just like the others. I expect the Colts to come for Dalton early and often. And Dalton will struggle to make the Colts pay for putting pressure on him.
  3. There will be a bright spot for the Bengals and his name will be Jeremy Hill. The running back from LSU will have another 100 yard game and will be the best weapon on the offense on Sunday. He will also score one touchdown this game.

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys

  1. The Cowboys will have more sacks this game than the Lions. All year long, the Lions have been one of the best defenses in the NFL. Well in this game, the Lions pass rush will be neutralized by one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. The Lions offensive line, however, will have trouble with the consistent effort up front of the Dallas defensive linemen.
  2. Calvin Johnson will have at least two touchdown receptions against Dallas. He’s big, fast and the source of a lot of nightmares for defensive backs. And the nightmare will be real for Dallas Sunday. I think Megatron gets loose on Orlando Scandrick and the crew come Sunday.
  3. Running back Demarco Murray will not have 100 yards rushing this game. The Detroit Lions are a tough defense to run against. I believe the Cowboys will have problems running this game and will have to depend on Romo to make plays through the air.

The games are about to arrive. The Proclamations have been made. Playoff football has arrived. Enjoy the games! For more sports talk, feel free to follow me on Twitter @General_MP or check me out on Facebook at Mike Patton-The General .


  1. Derrick Branch

    January 3, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    Nice post. I honestly believe that the Bengals will pull off the upset against the Colts this Sunday.The inability to run the football will cost the Colts heavily in this ball game.

    • Mike Patton

      January 3, 2015 at 4:34 pm

      I think the Colts will use the short passing game as the running game.

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