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Greg Monroe To The New York Knicks In 2015?

Could Greg Monroe Land with the New York Knicks?

Detriot Pistons center Greg Monroe was not one of the most sought-after free agents out there this offseason. One big reason was because he was restricted and Detroit was expected to match any offer for him. It was thought that a team like the Phoenix Suns would potentially make an offer for him, but that never materialized. And now it is being reported that Monroe will sign a $5.5 million qualifying offer with the Pistons, allowing him to be an unrestricted free agent in 2015. Monroe is definitely taking a chance by signing a one-year deal with Detroit, because if he gets injured next season, he will miss his chance to cash in on a big deal. But if he stays healthy and has another good season, he will undoubtedly get a huge contract. But where that payday comes next summer is the question. Does he stay in Detroit or does he leave? Ultimately, I believe his best decision would be to leave and head to a place where he would fit perfectly: the New York Knicks.

The Knicks are a team in transition. Gone is the unimaginative offense of Mike Woodson and entering is the Triangle offense, led by head coach Derek Fisher and team president Phil Jackson. With the Triangle, spacing and movement are key. Another big key in the Triangle offense is a big man that can shoot the midrange jump shot and can rebound. While Monroe is still improving his jump shot, his rebounding cannot be questioned. Monroe has had over 30 double-doubles in a season three out of his four years in the NBA. And with a Knicks team that has struggled to get some consistent rebounding on the floor, Monroe would be a welcomed addition for them.

Another thing that Monroe would bring is a more natural post scoring threat other than Carmelo. Over the past few years, we have seen Carmelo go into the post a lot, and as a result, he got banged up a ton. Monroe would give Carmelo a break from posting all the time and his post game commands attention from more than one defender. That additional attention will allow Monroe to display one of the most underrated parts of his game: his passing. Besides Marc Gasol and Joakim Noah, Monroe is one of the better passing big men in the NBA. When he draws that attention in the post, he will be able to kick it out to Carmelo and others for easier shots. And the easier the attempts, the better the chance of the shots going in.

As far as how the Knicks can get him, it’s pretty simple. Amar’e Stoudemire ($23 million), Andrea Bargnani ($11.5 million), Jason Smith ($3 million), Travis Outlaw ($3 million), and Samuel Dalembert ($4 million) all are in the last year of their deals. The Knicks also hold a team option on backup point guard Pablo Prigioni ($1.7 million) which will more than likely not be picked up. The expiration of all these deals will leave the team enough cap space to bring in Monroe to join Melo and add pieces around them. And unlike this venture in free agency, Monroe will be able to sign with whoever he wants to. The allure of a big upgrade in pay along with playing for a team ran by the Zen Master could be too much for Monroe to refuse.

The signing of a one-year deal in Detroit will give Stan Van Gundy a chance to make some things happen and try to convince Greg Monroe to stay. But ultimately, I believe Monroe sees the writing on the wall and understands the Pistons are a runaway train going in the wrong direction. The Knicks may be the escape Monroe needs.

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