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Harlem remembers Anthony Mason


Anthony Mason, who passed away from congestive heart failure on Saturday, loved to frequent Harlem.  In fact, he and former teammate and good friend John Starks opened Custom Fuel Pizza in Harlem, so Mason was, and will continue to be, a fixture in Harlem.  Harlemites remember Anthony Mason.

Tammie Davis said “I love you Big Ant! Rest in Heaven My Love! You gave a lot to the game and all of your fans!”  Matt McCoy said “I used to run into him often at Perks or at my restaurant. Good do. Loved his New York City attitude on the court.”  Erenestine Roach added” May he forever rest in peace. Loved his basketball attitude. He gave 100+% every time he played.”  “Determined, courageous and very hard worker. He made his mark on life,” were thoughts that came to mind for Arthur Miles.

Charles Anthony Davis, a former collegiate athlete, said the following.  “As an athlete I think he was an absolute beast and terror. As a man and human he was diverse and complex as anyone could be. As far as time waiting for no one, we should all be more aware of our health and take better care of ourselves. He definitely died way too soon.”

Renee Ellison said “Anthony Mason went to my old high school (Springfield Gardens ) I only saw him play on television never saw him in person. He will be missed.”  Keith Francis called Mason “the toughest Knick ever,” while Darrell Yarbrough said “you made a difference,” and called him “one of a kind.”

Jai Buckhanon called Mason “a Knick soldier, one of the first if not the first forward/guard to put on a Knick uniform, the first to wear a New York Knicks haircut to every single game. A true New Yorker.”

Tracie Meredith said Mason “used to party with me and my friends at Hurumbe’ back in the 90’s,” while Ramadhan Nanji also shared an experience of meeting Mason partying.  “I use to see him all around town in the clubs, he was cool. I tried to buy him a drink one night on some Knicks love (vibe) and he was like, ‘Nah, but thanks for being a fan’ and bought me and my girl at the time a bottle of Moet!”

Nanji, also known as Doc, discussed Mason’s untimely death.  “His character was never questioned amongst the fans and his behavior was respectful as a New York Celebrity…True New York Knight.”

Lissa White added “you will be missed and I thank you for your talent and not allowing your fame to keep you from the hood.”

I interviewed Mason a couple of times over the past years, most recently on January 2, 2015, before the Knicks played the Detroit Pistons.  When I asked about his new year’s resolutions, he said “Just take life as it comes, take your blessings, stop blocking your blessings, being mad at things that you can’t control.”  Excellent advice for everyone that Anthony Mason has left in the physical form.  May he rest in peace.

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