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Jameis Winston Is Learning The Price Of Fame

Jameis Winston Heisman

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is definitely a special player. Whenever his team needs him to step up, he always made that play for them. Nothing is more evident of that then the first game of the season this year. The Seminoles were trying to fend off a rally from the Oklahoma State Cowboys when Jameis made this outstanding play:

But unfortunately his great play has been overshadowed at times by things he has done off the field. His most recent incident had Winston standing on a table in Florida State’s student union and yelling an obscene comment across the entire room. As a result of that, he was suspended for the entire game versus Clemson as of late Friday evening (originally was suspended for the first half of the game earlier this week). What Jameis did does not seem so bad in the grand scheme of things to some. After all, what collegiate student hasn’t yelled or done something silly on campus? I was once a college student and I know I did some silly and dumb things a lot. But in regards to Jameis, he has to realize who he is and where he is and what he can and cannot do.

At one point in time, Jameis may have been able to do what he did and nothing even happen. In fact, when he was unknown by most, this incident would have probably never been talked about. But with the fame that he has these days, it was only a matter of time before social media got a hold of what happened. And when social media did, there was an explosion of responses in regards to what he did. The price of fame is something that no one can teach you about, but you can only learn from unfortunately. But if he really wants to learn how social media and fame can turn on you, then he may want to take a look at the previous Heisman trophy winner before him, Johnny Manziel. The former Texas A&M quarterback was an unknown before his first season as a starter for the Aggies in 2012. But as the season went on, his stock and popularity began to rise to epic proportions, culminating in Manziel being the first freshman to ever win the Heisman trophy. But with that popularity came more extreme criticism of every single move Manziel made. Sure, Manziel made some mistakes (most notably signing autographs for money, although that one was never really solved or proved), but he also did some things as a college student that anyone would do. For example, when he attended a party on another campus, it was made out like he had done some heinous activity. But really, it was not story at all. If Jameis would have been paying attention, he would have known this was coming.

But apparently viewing the past was not something Winston did and now he is learning the price of fame. With his latest incident, that adds even more onto what has been an eventful last 10 months. From the stealing of crab legs at Publix to the rape case he was involved in, Winston just cannot seem to escape things. And with this latest incident and one-game suspension, it seems that many are starting to sour on him at the NFL level. Some even have him barely hanging on to a first-round draft status as a result of his immature activities. Hopefully Jameis learns from these instances and understands that he is not an unknown anymore. He is in essence a celebrity with winning the Heisman trophy his freshman year and winning the national title as well. Now he has to understand that he has to hold himself to a higher standard in what he does publicly. It may not seem right that he has to do so as a 20 year old kid, but that’s what comes with fame. The innocence is gone and the reality is starring Winston right in the face.

Going forward, I sincerely hope Jameis takes this time to understand where he is and what he is. The more incidents he is involved in, the more he hurts his pockets in terms of draft status should he enter the NFL Draft after this season. Currently, he has slid from being the top overall quarterback in this draft due to his off-field incidents. But hopefully he can recover and hold himself to a higher standard. And if he cannot do it himself, then Florida State needs to help him do so by having some of their former players mentor him. I am sure that Derrick Brooks or Deion Sanders would be glad to reach out to him. But in the end, it all comes down to Jameis and what he wants to do for himself. I am rooting for Jameis to learn his lesson going forward. What he did was dumb and should not be tolerated. Hopefully he understands that and does not have anymore incidents going forward. `And I am also rooting for him to understand the price of fame before fame takes him down.

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  1. Jason

    September 20, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    I agree. He’s a good ATH & good kid. But he has to stop with the foolishness & just play ball. & IMO…. I think he should come back for his Sr year next year. & he should STOP with Baseball after college & just stick to playing Football. Good article BTW.

  2. Rob T

    September 20, 2014 at 11:31 pm

    Good article Mike, it’s a shame a special player like Winston can’t learn from prior mistakes. Maybe it’s because he’s being coddled by people around him, afraid to tell him like it is. I agree, Derrick Brooks would be a great choice, no nonsense,straight talk type of guy. Unfortunately his behavior has taken him out of 1st pick in the NFL status, no team with a raised eyebrow will use the 1st pick on him, especially now with all the recent NFL troubles. Hopefully this is the last of his troubles and he can become a great player but most importantly a greater man.

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