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Jets and Giants go from bad to worse

Eli Manning (Photo by Marc Rasbury)

After watching some great college football on Friday and Saturday, we were treated to some dreadful professional football, at least as far the locals were concerned. We all thought that the New York Giants and New York Jets were capable of coming away with victories over the Jacksonville Jaguars and Miami Dolphins. Perhaps it was not the fact that both teams lost but it was the manner in which they lost. Just when you thought it could not get any worse, it did.

The Dolphins were in playoff contention coming into Monday night’s game, while the Jets organization had an eye on next year. There was a sense that Gang Green had a chance to steal this game. It started out as if the Jets were going to eek out this contest. They raced out to a 10-point lead, but as the game progressed, one got the impression that the Jets were going to lose the contest. And in the end, the Dolphins came back and won the game, 16-13, on a late game Caleb Sturgis 26-yard field goal. The loss was one thing, but how they lost is what left Jets fans feeling sick to their stomachs.

In a pass-happy era, the New York Jets looked as if they did not want to throw the ball at all. Yes, running against the undersized Dolphins’ front seven was a good plan. However, too much of a good thing can turn bad in a hurry. The Jets ran for 210 yards in the first half but only 64 in the second. 274 rushing yards should be sufficient to win most games but that is when you compliment it with a decent passing game.

You insert quarterback Geno Smith back into the lineup to see if he is capable of being a starter in the NFL and then handcuff him by not letting him throw. And of course, when Smith was forced to throw when the Jets were down by three with less than two minutes to go, he throws an inception where his intended receiver was triple covered. Smith only attempted 13 passes. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady attempt that many in a quarter. Now some will say that that General Manager John Izdik forced Rex Ryan to play Smith over Michael Vick and Ryan was just being defiant. It was more like insubordination if you ask me. It would have been nice if Nick Folk had made those two makeable field goals that he missed but that is not the reason why Gang Green lost. But this in-house feud that is brewing could be the reason why the Jets are in the midst of this miserable campaign.

On Sunday, I left the house thinking that there was no way that the Giants could lose their game against the Jaguars after leading 21-3 at halftime. By the time I got to my son’s AAU basketball game, I found out to my dismay that Big Blue lost 25-24. I just sat in the gym’s parking lot in utter shock. But when I thought about it, it should not have been that big of a shock considering the way the Giants have played overall this season. They lost to the 1-10 Jaguars on a John Scobee 33-yard field goal with 28 seconds remaining. How did it come to this?

Two touchdowns given up by the offense did not help. Geno Hayes forced Eli Manning to fumble early in the third, and teammate J.T. Thomas recovered the football in the end zone. Then Aaron Colvin scooped up a forced fumble and returned it 41 yards for the Jaguars’ second defensive touchdown. Those two plays turned the momentum over to the Jacksonville side of the field after the Giants’ impressive start.

This could have been the worst loss in the Coughlin era. When I told other parents at my son’s game that the Giants had lost, they were just as sick as I was. It is going to be hard for Coughlin to survive this. I hope that he does but it does not look good for the Old Ball Coach.

I’m glad that I don’t bet on NFL games because I thought both teams could sneak into the playoffs before the season started. Coughlin and Ryan most likely will be looking for employment come 2015 because as 2014 progressed, both teams got worse.

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