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John Starks talks Anthony Mason

John Starks at 2014 Topspin Charity Table Tennis Tournament (Photo by Lisa Murray)

(Photo by Lisa Murray)

The New York Knicks lost one of their most popular players today with the passing of Anthony Mason.  On Monday, attended the 16th Annual Knicks Bowl to benefit Garden of Dreams Foundation, and Mason’s former teammate, John Starks, talked about Anthony’s battle and the man himself.

“Every day is just a fight for him.  We continue to pray for him.  It’s just tough right now being his friend as well as former teammate.  It’s just tough to see him in that situation.  We just continue to send our prayers out to him and his family.”

Starks was asked about Anthony on and off the court.  “Mase is obviously a hard-nosed player.  We came to the Knicks around about the same time.  He fought for everything he got in this league as well as growing up.”

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