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How bad was Knicks 41-13 2nd quarter? ‘Turrible’

The Knicks trailed by as many as 45, but here they are down 44 (Photo by Derrel Jazz Johnson)

The New York Knicks are certainly undermanned, playing without perennial NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, Andrea Bargnani, and without Iman Shumpert and 2012-2013 NBA Sixth Man of the Year JR Smith, who were traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this week, but a 41-13 quarter?  Let’s break it down.

The Knicks only trailed 21-18 to he Charlotte Hornets at the end of the first quarter, but in one of the most epic snowball effects you will ever see in an NBA game, the team failed to score the final 4:31 of the half, as Charlotte went on a 19-0 run to double up the Knicks at the half, 62-31.

In the final 4:31 of the second quarter, the Knicks turned the ball over 4 times and missed seven jump shots, including 3 attempts from beyond the arc.  The Hornets more than tripled the Knicks in points, shot a white-hot 65% from the field, including 4-6 from three, dished out 10 assists on 15 baskets, and grabbed 13 rebounds.

The Knicks, on the other hand, were 6-20 from the field, only took one free throw, committed 9 personal fouls, and turned the ball over six times.  Yes folks, this is a recipe for disaster, and with a team that features Jose Calderon and Tim Hardaway Jr. as your best offense options, don’t look for much of a change as long as Carmelo and the gang are not playing.

After watching the game today, it is understandable why Charles Barkley would jokingly threaten to quit his job at TNT if they showed another Knicks game this season.  This team is just ‘turrible.’


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