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LeBron James Should Take His Talents to Houston

Lebron James Returns to Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo by Marc Rasbury)

LeBron James is the NBA version of a WWE heel.  People will create the most ludicrous statements to attempt to legitimize why they dislike the superstar.  They blame the decision.  They blame the fact that he is called King James.  They try to scrutinize the championship win against the San Antonio Spurs, just to discredit him.  They said he didn’t come to New York because he couldn’t handle the pressure.  And when the Miami Heat lost in 2012 and earlier this month in the NBA Finals?  LeBron James is at fault, not anyone else on the team, including the other two members of the “Big Three.”  So LeBron should embrace his role as the ultimate heel and take his talents to the most talented team the way he took his talents to South Beach four years ago.  And I say that place is the Houston Rockets. 

I hear a lot of speculation about the Houston Rockets going after Carmelo Anthony, but only a fool (or some New York Knicks fans) would say that Melo is a better player than the two-time NBA Champion, four-time MVP James.  Whatever contract the Rockets are prepared to offer Melo, James should accept the same thing and team with Dwight Howard and James Harden to form a new Big Three.  James has never played with a center that can dominate on both sides of the ball, and at this stage of his career, Harden is a better playmaker than Dwyane Wade, whose athleticism is quickly vanishing, as he missed 28 games this season.  James on Houston would make them instant favorites to win the 2015 NBA title, even over the 2014 champion San Antonio Spurs.

In Miami, the Heat have enjoyed a good four-year run, with four Eastern Conference Championships and two NBA Finals wins, but with all of the attention of The Decision, along with the proclamations of “Not one, not two…,” there are many who feel that the Miami Big Three have disappointed.  Unless another star player comes in, the disappointment will continue.  Wade is not the player he once was, and it would defy logic to think that he would ever be the player he once was.  Though Bosh was included in the Big Three, he was never as talented as the other two.  I’m sure in certain respects, LeBron feels as if he is back with the Cavaliers.

Pat Riley held a press conference last week, and instead of taking responsibility for putting all of his eggs into an aging roster, he made a challenge that was clearly directed at James.  The Greg Oden signing was a blunder the size of the injured star center, and using the amnesty on Mike Miller backfired.  Miller had a healthy season, playing in 82 games for the first time since his rookie season in 2000-2001, shooting 46% from three.  The Heat clearly missed Miller against the Spurs.

If LeBron went to Houston, he would be able to continue his goal of ‘Not one, not two, not three, not four…”  And perhaps this is the part of me that grew up as a New York Knicks fan talking, but after winning two or three championships with the Houston Rockets, perhaps he would close out his career at Madison Square Garden, teaming with Carmelo Anthony to win a couple more rings in the Big Apple.

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