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Luis Collazo Takes Pride in Fatherhood

Brooklyn-born boxer Luis Collazo has experienced rebirth to his career and he gives all the praise to his lord and savior Jesus Christ.  After a five-match winning streak, Collazo was stopped by Amir Kahn last month in the co-main event of the Floyd Money Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana fight.

Collazo, who is the father or three girls, and grandfather of one, spoke about being a Dad and what it means to be a father.  “Fatherhood is a blessing and an honor. I take my job as a father seriously. I want to guide my children and help them avoid the same mistakes I made.”  I asked Luis to choose a superpower as a father and he was amused by the question. “I wish my girls could stay young forever, so I could protect them and make sure nobody ever hurt them, but we all know that’s not going to happen,” he said with laughter  “I will always be there for my girls, I’ll support them, guide them and love them no matter what.”

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