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Brandon Marshall To The Indianapolis Colts Could Be A Good Fit

Brandon Marshall

The Brandon Marshall era could be coming to an end in Chicago. The wide receiver has been good for the Bears and was a big advocate for Jay Cutler to come and be his quarterback in Chicago as well (the two were teammates in Denver together at the start of their careers). Marshall spoke of how much he thought of Cutler when he was brought in and it seemed like a great pairing was reunited. But all that love has quickly disappeared as the Bears endured a disappointing season. The defense was awful, Marshall dealt with nagging injuries and Cutler was well… Cutler. The tension and frustration reached a point where the Marshall was overheard yelling at teammates in the locker room. So with a new general manager and head coach in Ryan Pace and John Fox, the Bears are reportedly looking to move the veteran receiver on to another team. And if the team is able to move him, they must do so before March 12th, when Marshall would have his $7.5 million salary guaranteed for the 2015 season. There may be many teams that are wanting to get his services, but there is one team that could benefit from him more than anyone. The one team is the Indianapolis Colts.

There is no secret that Indianapolis is looking for another wide receiver this offseason. The play of TY Hilton was fantastic, but veteran Reggie Wayne saw a sharp decline in his production. After tearing his ACL in 2013, Wayne came back in 2014 and tried to be the same guy he was. But unfortunately, he just was not the same player he once was. At times he looked like he was dragging his leg and at other times he looked like he was not very explosive out of his cuts. And for a guy that needs to run precise routes to get open, the knee injury he suffered effectively took away his abilities to get open. As a result of the issues with his surgically-repaired knee, there are rumblings that he will be looking towards retirement at age 36. And with him looking into that, the gaping hole at the receiver position could become even more cavernous. The thought out there is that the Colts could go after receiver Andre Johnson from the Texans as soon as he is free. He is a couple years older than Marshall at 33, but there is the belief that he will do well with a quarterback of the abilities of Andrew Luck, which he has never had the chance to play with. But in all honesty, Marshall is probably the better option.

The pluses for adding Marshall to this roster are many. First, the Colts have almost $42 million in cap space available this offseason. Contrary to what some may think, Marshall would cost them $9.575 million in cap space. That would leave them with more than enough money to make more moves to improve their team. Some would still shudder at that amount of money being paid towards Marshall until they take a look at how much another potential target would cost them via trade. If the Colts were to trade for wide receiver Andre Johnson from the Texans, they would be looking at over $16 million in cap space tied up. The amount they would be paying Johnson would be enough for two players instead of one. But besides the lesser cap space hit, Marshall is a professional on the field when he is out there. He does not need to be the speed merchant on this team, but his size and range make it very difficult for defensive backs to defend. If you pair him with quarterback Andrew Luck, those two could be magical along with the speedy TY Hilton. The size and speed are great attributes to have, but Marshall also runs good routes. The precision with his routes are something the Colts would need to replace Wayne and keep that offense going.

But along with the positives Marshall can bring, there are also some negatives. Marshall can run some good routes and make some things happen, but he can also have cases of the dropsies. Many times, Marshall can be seen dropping the easy catch on the field while making the hard one. The spectacular is always nice to see, but the routine is something that needs to be always counted on. In the crucial times of a game, you need a wide receiver that can make the big catch. With Marshall, that cannot always be counted on all the time. Another issue with Marshall is his attitude at times. The veteran wide receiver definitely wants to win and make some things happen, but he also can be disruptive with how he is. He can have outbursts at any given time and for a young quarterback that may not be used to that, it could cause some damage to their relationship and ultimately the chemistry of the team. The way Marshall handles a missed target or an offensive issue would be something to definitely watch. But the biggest concern with Marshall is if last season started the decline of his career. In 2013, Marshall had the lowest receptions and yards since his rookie season in Denver. Of course he missed three games and fought through ankle and knee injuries last season, but still the concern is there as to if he can rebound. Marshall is probably aware of the down year last season and will come out looking to prove that was not the start of his decline at all. And if he is with Luck and the Colts, he will have a chip on his shoulder from the Bears casting him off like he was not needed anymore.

Marshall is on the market and will probably be wanted by plenty of teams. But going forward, the Indianapolis Colts should be the first team to make an offer for his services. They are getting closer and closer every season to taking the big step towards a title and Marshall could add to that. Or Marshall could blow up and detract from the Colts as well. There are no such things as a certainty when trading for talents and Marshall is no exception. It should be interesting to see how things work out if he is indeed traded to Indianapolis. But one thing is for sure for Indy: they need him.

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  1. Dori Longino

    March 6, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    The Colts have an opportunity to make some positive changes and honestly they’re going to have to in order to be a real contender. It’s going to be interesting to watch what changes Fox makes. 

  2. ASR

    March 6, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    Marshall in Indy’s system could a 1500yd/season WR. It’s going to be frenetic offseason

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