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For Better Or Worse, Brandon Marshall Is A New York Jet

How will Brandon Marshall fair as the lead wide receiver for the New York Jets? (photo courtesy of

The Chicago Bears had a disappointing 2014 season. After making upgrades defensively and keeping the offensive weapons they had, they were expected by some to be a playoff contender. But what happens on paper and what happened on the field are too different things. The Chicago Bears finished 5-11 and nowhere near the playoffs. As a result of the poor season, Bears head coach Marc Trestman and General Manager Phil Emery were fired. The new regime of the Bears includes former Denver Broncos head coach John Fox and former New Orleans Saints director of player personnel Ryan Pace and it was evident they wanted to make some changes. It may have taken a minute, but the first big change is underway for Chicago. The Bears agreed to trade disgruntled wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Jets for a 5th round draft pick. Marshall had been very emotional in his frustration during last season about the results of the team and the new regime felt that he was not needed at this point and time. But for the Jets, he immediately created a buzz with his arrival. But what can one really expect of Marshall when he lines up in New York? There are many possibilities.

The Jets were a team that lacked a number one wide receiver. Their best weapon at wide receiver was free-agent acquisition Eric Decker. The former Denver Broncos wide receiver got paid handsomely by the Jets after a great season catching passes from Peyton Manning in 2013. But unfortunately, Decker was not the guy the Jets expected. He mishandled some passes thrown his way and disappeared at times as well. The Jets got 74 receptions for 962 yards out of Decker, but that was not what they expected. It is evident that he is a perfect secondary wide receiver. With the addition of Marshall to the team, Decker slides right into the place he should have been in the first place. With Marshall as the lead receiver, Decker will now be facing the second-best corner on every team instead of the best corner of each team. And with Marshall on the opposite side, the Jets will get better production out of Decker. The less Decker is a focus of the defense, the better he is. In Denver that was the case when he played with Demaryius Thomas on the opposite side of the field and Wes Welker lined up in the slot. And with the new addition, the offense gets better by placing people in the correct position they should be in.

Marshall will undoubtedly help Decker, but he could also have an effect on the quarterback of this team. As it stands right now, Geno Smith will be the starter at quarterback. It is expected the Jets will bring in some competition or a competent starter this offseason, but that is not guaranteed. So assuming that Smith comes back to be the starter, there could be some positives and negatives there. Smith has been inconsistent as a starting quarterback in the NFL. In fact, he has had some moments that will make you want to cover your eyes in horror. But he has also had some moments that make you think there is something within him that can make it happen as a starter. Geno’s biggest supporters have talked on end about is the weapons, or lack thereof, he has had. Well, with Marshall on one side, Decker on the other side, Jeremy Kerley as the slot receiver and Jace Amaro as a playmaking tight end, he now has a good collection of weapons to throw to that will be in their correct spots. This quartet, provided they stay healthy, could do some damage on the field. So now, for some, Geno will have a true cast of weapons around him so we can get a true evaluation. The pressure will be on Geno even more than it was before. It will be interesting to see how he handles it, especially since the Jets are in the media capital of the world.

Marshall will be looked at to make some things happen immediately with this team. And the opportunities are there for him. But besides the play at quarterback, there is one thing that could hinder his success in New York. Marshall has had his moments with his attitude on the field and in the locker room. The most recent issue he had was when reporters could hear him yelling in the locker room following an embarrassing loss at home to the Miami Dolphins last season. He was justified in calling his team out for the unacceptable loss, but in the eyes of some, it looked out of place and not good for the team. In New York, there will be not be as high as expectations as there were in Chicago last season, but there will be some expectations and pressure from the media as well. It will be interesting to see how Marshall handles that aspect of playing in a city bigger than Chicago. And if the Jets are playing bad, it will also be an interesting site to see how he does handling that as well. In the end, the barometer of the team could be measured by how Marshall does or does not react to the pressure and the team’s success or failures. For the Jets, they better hope they are laying it all on the line. If they aren’t, it could get ugly fast between them and Marshall. And that would not be a pretty site at all.

Brandon Marshall is headed to New York to be the newest member of the Jets. And while there are many positives, there could be some hiccups as well. For the most part, the success he has rides on three people: him, the quarterback (Geno Smith or whoever it could be), and Jets head coach Todd Bowles. It should be fun to watch how this one plays out. It could be a successful venture but it could also be something that turns into a mess.

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  1. ASR

    March 8, 2015 at 1:42 am

    Jets need a QB, I don’t trust Geno Smith

  2. Lee Love

    March 8, 2015 at 3:43 am

    The whole Marshall as a Bear thing had started to fall apart so it wasn’t a surprise that he was going to be moving, I was surprised that the Jets came into play but we’ll see how that works out. Since Marshall wants to be in broadcasting once football is over then NY is a good place to be and if he can remain healthy he can contribute to the Jets and give Geno a target. I will remain in a wait and see mode to see how all of this comes together

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