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Floyd Mayweather: Say Hello To The Bad Guy

Floyd is the king of boxing, And some don't like it. (photo via

All the posturing is over and the deal is finally signed. The rumors in social media can be put to rest. Finally everyone is getting to see Floyd “Money” Mayweather take on Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. The fight will take place in Las Vegas, home of the champion Mayweather. Along with the banter on social media about these two, the battle lines have been drawn among fans. There are some that would love for Pacquiao to dominate Mayweather. While there are others that want to see Mayweather dominate Pacquiao. All in all, Mayweather has been painted as the bad guy in this one and Pacquiao as the knight riding in on his white horse to topple the kingdom of boxing that Floyd has claimed. Interesting that the best boxer out there is also one of the most hated or loved ones as well. A few things lead to why he is the most hated man in boxing (or in sports for some people).

Floyd has been excellent his entire career. He has cat-like quickness that makes him hard to hit in the ring. Along with that, Floyd fights with intelligence. He does what he has to do to win rather than doing all that others feel he needs to show them while boxing. Honestly, some have felt he just defends the entire time and leans on the judges to make the call. Well, those folks may not know boxing in all sincerity. Floyd may do that, but he also gets his shots in. One thing that the casual boxing fan always looks for is the knockout blow. And as of recently, Floyd has not really knocked out anyone. His last couple bouts have come down to decisions that he has won. When those decisions usually happen, the casual fan is not very happy that this man is hailed as one of the best while not knocking someone out. But what some have to learn is that the tactical boxing can win matches as well as knockouts. The body blows along with the actual connections on the punches thrown are what the judges look at as opposed to who threw the most punches and Hail Mary’s to knock someone out. It’s the percentages that make the minds up of the judges and not the big punches that land amidst the many that don’t.

Along with the style that Mayweather uses, he also has a persona about him that rubs some the wrong way. Outside the ring, Money Mayweather, as he is called by many, obviously makes a ton of money with boxing and all the things he is involved in. With that being said, he likes to flaunt what he makes. He can often be seen taking pictures with his money he is using for bets or social media can be used to talk about how he used his money lavishly to buy something he probably didn’t need. When he takes these types of pictures or buys some of the things he does, he draws the ire of some due to the way he just throws out there how much money he has and how he uses it. It sounds like something that is so silly, but many hate what he does with his money with all the flaunting that he does. His persona coming to the ring is also one that many detest. Many a time he can be seen coming to the ring with rap artist Lil Wayne or pop artist Justin Bieber. And with those two, there are many that cannot stand them. That just adds to the anger Mayweather incites in people. Adding to the persona and the pictures on his stacks of money, the attitude of cockiness or arrogance is a huge thing that rubs people the wrong way. He can be an arrogant guy, but it isn’t as bad as some may make it out to be. But because it is Mayweather, it gets taken to a whole new level by some that did not like him to begin with.


One of the biggest issues that many have with Floyd Mayweather is that he is a winner. When folks encounter a winner, there are two different reactions that happen. Some support the winners and what they are accomplishing. That reaction is one that went along with the Chicago Bulls when they won six championships in eight years with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as the main players. Many loved that team and wanted them to succeed. And some fans even became a fans of the Bulls based on these two players in this run. But the other reaction that some have is one of wishing for the worst. As hard as it is for some to believe, some fans do not like when someone consistently has success. There are many reasons that can be said as to why some fans feel that way about a winner. In Floyd’s case, it could be because of the persona he has. But in other cases, it could be because they are tired of seeing a winner win. It’s almost like those folks are tired of seeing the winner win and are ready for them to fall. And just like clockwork, those are the same folks that are hoping the winner falls and falls hard. In Mayweather’s case, being associated with winning has many hoping every single day that he loses and not just loses, but falls flat on his face. This was also the case with the Miami Heat when LeBron joined the team there. It never failed on social media that you would see folks practically loathing the Heat and chiding them until they lost and cheering like it was the best thing since sliced bread when they lost. The tremendous amount of disdain Mayweather produces on social media is incredible to see. And when folks see that he is 47-0 over his career, that fire of disdain burns even more.

All these things along with the fact it took so long for this fight to happen have made Mayweather into the biggest bad guy in boxing in years. The fact still remains that Mayweather is the most successful boxer in this generation and has done things the way he wanted to do them, which is not what many have done. He is undefeated and the champion for reasons other than what some would like to think. Hate him or love him, you cannot deny his skills. But on May 2nd, the world will say hello to the bad guy once again as he takes on Pacman in Las Vegas.

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  1. Jason

    February 21, 2015 at 2:59 am

    He likes being the bad guy…..I do not see him losing this fight.

  2. DC Hendrix

    February 21, 2015 at 3:43 am

    Man good stuff my man! Gotta agree with Jason ^^ he loves being the bad guy. I also agree that I don’t see him losing.

  3. ASR

    February 21, 2015 at 3:46 am

    Money Mayweather will win not just because of his offense per se but his quickness and intuition on defense is uncanny.

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