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Mayweather vs Pacquiao : The Fight Of The 21st Century


By Lloyd Carroll

The world can rejoice now that Floyd “Money” Mayweather has agreed to fight Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 2, 2015, which was announced Friday. Since Pacquiao already has some losses on his record, it’s crucial to the boxing and pay-per-view industries that Mayweather stay undefeated at all costs for now at least.

My guess is that Pacquiao will outbox Mayweather but the judges will award the fight to Floyd in a split decision. The inevitable outrage from the public and the media, which the promoters and fighters will be counting on, will spur a rematch that will even do better business. Manny will win that bout, which of course will set the stage for the rubber match that will generate more dollars than the gross national product of most third world countries.

The problem that boxing will now face is whether boxing fans will want to pony up any pay-per-view money for pedestrian bouts with such headliners as Vladimir Klitschko, Bryant Jennings, Sergio Martinez, Miguel Cotto, Adrian Broner, and Danny Garcia, who are now the biggest names in the sport.  Only the future will tell.

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