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Mike Krzyzewski reacts to return of Paul George


Duke Basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski has his hands full with the NCAA Championship game tomorrow night, but was asked earlier today about the return of Paul George, who was a member of USA Basketball when he suffered a horrific injury.  Coach K of course, has been the USA Basketball head coach as well since 2005.

“It’s great.  Paul and I have developed a great friendship. We correspond all the time. We did yesterday. Anxious about tonight. He’s handled everything magnificently. Certainly we hope that he has a complete comeback and helps the Pacers in their playoff hunt.”

Krzyzewski continued to discuss his comeback, and looked forward to the summer.  “We’re anxious also to have him come out when we meet this summer in mid August. It’s not a training camp, but we’ll have three days where we bring all the guys who might be on the Olympic team in Las Vegas. Certainly Paul will be part of that group. Really happy. Also want to thank the Pacer organization of how supportive they’ve been of USA Basketball in this regard. Really good people.”

Paul George entered the game minutes ago, and made his first shot.

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