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New York Jets Collapse, Embarrass Themselves by Derrel “Jazz” Johnson

New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan Failed to Lead His Team to Victory

New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan Failed to Lead His Team to Victory

Mark Sanchez Will Need to Improve to Lead the New York Jets

Mark Sanchez Will Need to Improve to Lead the New York Jets

Three weeks ago, the New York Jets stood at 8-5 after a 37-10 and controlled their own destiny to earn a wild card berth to the NFL Playoffs. A week later, after a brutal 45-19 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Jets still controlled their own destiny to make the playoffs.

After a week of trash talking against the team that they share Met Life Stadium with, the New York Giants, the Jets failed to back up the talk in a 29-14 loss to the Giants. Now, the Jets needed help.

The New York Jets were not able to help themselves, as they lost the final game of the season to the Miami Dolphins, 19-17, and now appear to be a team in turmoil after head coach Rex Ryan’s proclamation that they would win the Super Bowl this year during the off season.

Team Captain and Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes was benched in the fourth quarter, then seemed disinterested in the game as the Jets still had a chance to pull the must-win game out. Holmes, along with Pro Bowl Cornerback Darrelle Revis and Linebacker Bart Scott, among others, left the stadium without speaking to the media.

I was one of the many who, at the beginning of the season, thought the Jets had a chance to win it all. That thought was erased in the third week of the season, when the Jets lost 34-24 to the Oakland Raiders. It wasn’t that the Jets lost this came that made me think they couldn’t win a championship, it was how they lost.

The Raiders rushed for 234 yards on 32 carries, a whopping 7.3 average per carry. Oakland exposed the lack of speed the New York Jets have at the linebacker position, a weakness that can’t be covered up. The Jets would later in the season have two three-game winning streaks, but they also had two three-game losing streaks on the season, including the last three games of the season.

The Jets appear to be an overconfident team, as I am sure many of the players buy into the braggadocio of Head Coach Rex Ryan. This is something that should change in the future, as Ryan should try to tone it down going forward after having to eat an ample portion of humble pie after his team he predicted to win it all misses the playoffs.

The Jets also need lots of help on the roster. For the third off season in the Rex Ryan Era with the New York Jets, they need a pass rusher. The Jets only consistently get pressure on quarterbacks when they blitz, and must find a way to get pressure on the quarterback from the front four.

The Jets also need to upgrade their linebacker core, mainly with someone who has great sideline to sideline speed and can tackle efficiently. The Jets also desperately need help at the safety position. Darrelle Revis can only cover one guy, and the other three guys out there in the defensive back with Revis are very inconsistent, and, some would say, just not that good. The biggest problem, however, seems to be the play of Mark Sanchez.

Though his statistics on the season might tell you otherwise, Sanchez had an awful season. The biggest problem his lack of consistency. Sanchez makes some great throws at times, and then, at others, can’t hit someone int he backfield with an accurate pass. Perhaps he isn’t getting enough repetitions in practice, but if Sanchez doesn’t improve, then all of those Rex Ryan declarations won’t happen any time in the near future.


  1. Al

    January 4, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    Jet’s belong were they are. Season over. Sanchez was a disgrace last 3 weeks. The final draw for me was against the Giants. On paper, Jets are better than Giants. Fumbling ball in the endzone and the safety. Proves Sanchez has not grown in 3 years. I can accept his bad actions if he were a rookie and in his 2nd year. But he is a 3 year starter. He knows the defense schemes of his opposition. He has regressed. The Jets have an owner who spends money to bring the right players around Sanchez. Maybe there are some personal problems off the field we don’t know about. But the Jets will not go far with Sanchez. They should go after Manning since the Colts will probably take Luck with the draft pick.

    • erik

      January 30, 2012 at 11:04 pm

      Still think the Jets are better on paper than the Giants? Youre a tool

      • razzandjazzsports

        January 31, 2012 at 10:37 am

        And you, clearly, are a man with a very elaborate vocabulary.

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